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Leverage the CAAA Network to Advance Your Career

Robin Reshwan

Alumna Robin Reshwan is the founder of Collegial Services, a consulting firm that connects college students, recent graduates and the organizations that hire them. She has interviewed, placed and hired thousands of people in numerous companies and industries.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a new graduate, you probably already know that networking is one of the most vital components of savvy career management. Being part of a ready-made network of more than 240,000 Aggies is one of the top reasons people join CAAA, but access is just the starting point. We also have a host of  career-related benefits available to members and  plenty of resources to help you make the most of your Aggie network to enjoy a fulfilling and dynamic career.

  • Aggie Job Searching Tools
  • Career Networking Events
  • Career Counseling with Andrea Weiss
  • Free Resume Review and Career Advisory Services
  • Career Development: UC Davis Extension Courses

Career Tips

Connect through LinkedIn

UC Davis has a number of LinkedIn groups to help you better connect with other alumni.

You can connect with an alumni network group from your college or school, or a group from where you live.

Join the conversation.

As a service to alumni and parents, Cal Aggie Alumni Association frequently provides useful articles that are full of useful career adivce. Read some of our most popular articles:

Start an Alumni Group Within Your Company

UC Davis alumni are highly sought after by employers throughout the world because of their stellar academic background,strong work ethic, innoviative problem solving skills, and friendly and professional attitude. For that reason, graduates often find themselves working with groups of other UC Davis Aggies at their companies and corporations. Cal Aggie Alumni Association is available to partner with those alumni to start an alumni group within a company or corporation.

If you are interested in starting an alumni group within your company, contact Heather Hunter, CAAA's associate executive director and chief revenue officer via email or at (530) 754-9903.

Work at UC Davis

If you enjoyed your time as a UC Davis student, you'll love working for your alma mater. Check out current job postings on the Aggie Job Link or visit the UC Davis LinkedIn page.