Aggie Service Award

Previous Recipients

  • 2014 Sandi Redenbach '72, Cred. '73
  • 2013 Ann Pitzer '58
  • 2012 William Hollingshead '60
  • 2011 Brian Micek '99
  • 2010 Michael Child '76
  • 2009 Bobby Woods '76
  • 2008 Cheryl Harrison '79
  • 2007 Douglas J. Muhleman '77, M.S. '79
  • 2005 Joaquín Galván '81, M.Ed. '93
  • 2004 Carol J. Sconyers '52
  • 2003 Gavin Di Mundo '97
  • 2002 Reza Mahdavi, M.A. '83, Ph.D. '88
  • 2001 Michael Levy '88 

This award honors a UC Davis graduate who, during the previous year, demonstrated exemplary Aggie pride and dedication to UC Davis through personal commitment of time and energy, volunteerism, and leadership, which had the purpose or effect of furthering the Cal Aggie Alumni Association and the University of California, Davis. Specific criteria for this award include 1) commitment of personal time and energy, 2) personal leadership and 3) service to UC Davis and the Cal Aggie Alumni Association.

The 2015 Aggie Service Award recipient is Eamonn Dolan '83

Eamonn Dolan

Eamonn Dolan '83, 2015 Aggie Service Award recipient

Eamonn Dolan ’83 (College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences) is the recipient of the Aggie Service Award for his exemplary Aggie pride and dedication to UC Davis through his commitment of time, energy, volunteerism and leadership. Dolan has served the UC Davis Foundation since 2006, both as a Trustee and on its Finance and Investment Committee. During his tenure as chair of the committee, he and his colleagues successfully implemented an innovative approach to managing the Foundation’s endowment investments, developed guiding principles and new processes to strengthen the Foundation’s finances, and recruited seven new Foundation volunteers.  Dolan also serves as a lecturer and Dean’s Advisory Council member for the UC Davis Graduate School of Management.  He retired in 2009 as C.M. Capital’s Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director, where his responsibilities included asset allocation, strategy formulation, portfolio management, manager selection, process design and management of the investment team.