Give Back to the Parents Fund

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The UC Davis Parents Fund recognizes and honors parent giving to UC Davis. Gifts to the Parents Fund provide unrestricted  support for the university overall, as part of the UC Davis Annual Fund. Parents Fund gifts help to broaden the opportunities available to all students—supporting all aspects of undergraduate education and experience.

Top 5 Reasons to Give to the UC Davis Parents Fund

5. Your student will receive stellar academic opportunities.
Sixty-five percent of our classes have a 30:1 student to teacher ratio and 41 percent of our undergraduate seniors assist our faculty with their groundbreaking research

4. Some of the brightest minds in the world teach here.
We attract and retain our world-class faculty through such programs as the Chancellor's Fellows program so faculty members can teach Aggies like yours for years to come

3. Aggies are successful after college.
UC Davis is ranked #6 in the U.S. and first among UCs for helping launch low-income students into careers. Additionally 47% of graduates had full-time work within a year and their earning potential ranks among the top 25 state universities in the country.

2. Philanthropic support is vital to our future.
We are one of the top ten public universities in the U.S. according to U.S. News & World Report rankings and less than 10 percent of our revenue comes from state funding.

1. You Can Lead by Example.
With a leadership gift to the Davis Chancellor’s Club you will gain access to university leaders and attend behind-the-scenes tours of our first-rate art museums, theater, medical and veterinary facilities and more. You also will set a positive example for your student about the importance of giving back.