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Mirror Napa Valley’s goal is to create the truest artisanal characteristics Napa Valley has to offer by “mirroring” the terroir to the wine in the bottle.

Rick Mirer

Rick Mirer was born and raised in Indiana, making him fit for the Irish from the start! It was after his successful career in football at Notre Dame and the second half of his NFL career with the 49ers and Raiders that he found his second career in his next passion - wine. In 2008 Mirror Napa Valley was born and over the past 10 years the focus has always been quality and integrity of “mirroring” the terroir to the wine in the bottle.

Kirk Venge was born to be a Napa Valley winemaker. Born and raised in Rutherford, Ca. Kirk was instilled with his father’s vision of excellence at a very young age. He learned the rhythm of winemaking working in the family vineyard alongside his father, Nils Venge. Rick and Kirk are two powerful reflections of the same dedication to craft and belief that all great wines mirror a meticulously farmed vineyard situated within the finest terroir.

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