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A Life of Gratitude and Giving

October 01, 2016

The dirt trembles. The windows of a small home rattle, and trees shake. It is a familiar feeling for 6-year old Arturo González ’82 who watches from his front yard as the train screams over the tracks near his Roseville, California home.

It is 1966 and Roseville is the largest switching yard west of the Mississippi. Because of that, transients are common. They jump off the trains and wander, hungry, looking for work and food. 

Arturo’s three rules for success in college:

1. Go to class
2. Do your homework
3. Study

Q&A with Tiana Koziol, co-leader for CAAA's LGBTA chapter

August 02, 2016
Why do you love UC Davis?

UC Davis was always my first choice for college. I grew up in Bloomington, Indiana, a college town surrounded by agriculture and UC Davis is a similar community. So I felt right at home at UC Davis and especially the LGBTA Center. Plus, it was amazing to be in the heart of California and only two hours to the Pacific Ocean and two hours to the mountains!

A Learning Laboratory

May 16, 2016
ASUCD is a home and laboratory for recent past president Mariah Watson

By Laura Pizzo

ASUCD’s first African-American female president Mariah Watson ’16’s first shining moment as a leader came in the 8th grade. She gave the culmination speech as the treasurer of her school’s student leadership group, after which the moderator called her “the woman most likely to rule the world.”

A Vastness of Thinking

May 16, 2016
First female ASUCD president Sheryl Schecter has defied many barriers

By Laura Pizzo

Sheryl Schecter ’75 prides herself on her ability to remain determined despite challenges. As a student at UC Davis, she became the first female ASUCD president—an achievement that, to this day, reminds her that there are countless ways to overcome obstacles.

Political Pursuits

April 16, 2016
You can't spell ASUCD without DC

By Laura Pizzo 

Former ASUCD President Carly Sandstrom ’14, who now lives a mileand- a-half from the White House, might have some advice for her neighbor about terming out and making the most out of the post-presidency life. While representing 30,000 students at the world’s top veterinary school isn’t the same as being President of the United States, Sandstrom knows what it’s like to spend her time and energy serving the public.

Speaking Up

April 16, 2016
As ASUCD president, Erin Braddock Glanville discovered the importance of local issues

By Laura Pizzo

Erin Braddock Glanville ’93 was ASUCD president during a tumultuous time at UC Davis. Cuts in state funding led to rising student fees and campus protests, the future of funding student publications was on the line, and the impact of UC Davis becoming an NCAA Division I athletics program was a hotly debated topic.

Glanville said leading the student body during these controversial issues taught her lifelong lessons.

Finding Your Life's Service

April 16, 2016
Caliph Assagai inspires UC Davis students

By Yinon Raviv 

Caliph Assagai ’06 has the room’s full, undivided attention. Every UC Davis student is sitting straight, ramrod straight. All eyes are pointed at him. Not a cell phone in sight.

“I was just elected President of the Associated Students of the University of California, Davis. I just finished my final exams. I was ready to start my summer internship in the Capitol, doing work I’ve dreamt about doing,” he said, pausing. Fifty pairs of eyes in rapt attention, 50 pairs of ears hanging on his every word.

A Family’s Legacy of Aggie Service and Pride

April 05, 2016

By Benjamin Ginsburg

For the McCapes family, bearing the title of “Aggies” is an honor, a privilege and a legacy. Their contributions to UC Davis – which span some 60 years – were recently honored at the Cal Aggie Alumni Association’s at Alumni Award Gala, which took place on February 3, 2017 at the University of California, Davis. Dick McCapes ’56, DVM ’58 and his late wife Marilyn ’55 received the 2017 Aggie Service Award in recognition of their exemplary Aggie pride and dedication to UC Davis.

Learning is Everything

March 16, 2016
Former Davis mayor Bob Black got his political start as ASUCD president

By Laura Pizzo

For a man who has achieved a lot in life, it may be surprising that Bob Black ’73, J.D. ’76 doesn’t think success is just about winning.

“I believed that government could make a difference in people’s lives, even student government,” Black said. “And in pushing for change, one of the insights I gained was that you really learn by doing. In terms of politics especially, you learn by engagement. Winning isn’t everything; learning is everything.”

Blazing a Trail

March 16, 2016
Horace Hampton: ASUCD’s first African American president

By Laura Pizzo

Five years before the U.S. Supreme Court would rule in Brown vs. the Board of Education that separate was not equal when it came to educating African Americans, Horace Hampton ’50 was elected president of the Associated Students at UC Davis. In 1949, Hampton became one of the first African Americans to be elected to such a post at a major U.S. university and the first in the UC system.

“Yelp”ing Alumni

January 03, 2016
Julia Nguyen ’10 and Sarah Ng ’15 followed many of the same paths as UC Davis undergrads. With so much shared history, it may come as no surprise that the two alumna now share the same workplace at the popular San Francisco-based crowdsource review website and app, Yelp.

An Endive Endeavor

January 03, 2016
Today, Rich Collins '83 runs a highly successful business, California Endive Farms, which produces the nation’s largest quantity of a vegetable that many said couldn’t be farmed in California—a small, torpedo-shaped green that grows in the dark.

Young Achievers

January 03, 2016

by Cody Kitaura

Tre Borden, MBA ’11

Most MBAs don’t give up secure jobs to sell earrings made of masking tape.

But that’s what Tre Borden did, leaving a job with a local utility to help market a friend’s Tapigami products.

“If I can’t do something more fun and entrepreneurial, who can?” Borden said. “I can’t wield a paintbrush, but I can connect a client with an artist.”