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Creation Generation

January 02, 2016
Entrepreneurial UC Davis alums are helming mobile apps to bring their ideas straight to the consumer.

Three Cheers for Reggie Higashi and his Aggie Pride

August 02, 2015
For 21 years, Reggie Higashi ’97 has been cheering for UC Davis: on the field in the UC Davis Spirit Squad as an undergrad, and from the stands for every homecoming game since he graduated.

Rene Aguilera '83

March 20, 2015
When Rene Aguilera ’83 was an undergraduate at UC Davis, he had the chance to met labor leader and civil rights activist Cesar Chavez who gave Aguilera some friendly advice on being a successful community organizer.

Leading the Way at UC Davis

February 03, 2015

By Breeanna Meunier

Zoe Kelsey ’16 says “the first time I stepped onto the campus to take a tour, I felt like I was meant to go here.” This communications major says that she fell in love with the “atmosphere of the town and community of the students.”

Fast-forward to today, and Kelsey couldn’t be happier with her decision as she is about to attend her second year, and says she has “made the best friends I’ve ever had”.

Challenged as Individuals, Supported by the Community

January 03, 2015
Putting together a team full of independent, free-spirited people is a recipe for perfection, according to Orange County-resident Derek Wilson ’99. And it’s the exact combination he experienced in the classroom and on the baseball field during his time at UC Davis.

UC Davis Alumni Outreach Includes Outer Space

January 03, 2015
Alumni events held early this summer in Houston, Texas remind us that even outer space can be included in the list of places where Aggie alumni and faculty have left their mark.

Raising a Born Leader

January 03, 2015

by Dana Topousis

The bond between mother and daughter is easy to see. It is forged with respect and unconditional love—and laughter, lots of laughter.

Lisa Elzy Watson and her then-husband, Marion, raised their children in Culver City, a suburb of Los Angeles. “Mariah had boundless energy as a child,” said Lisa of her daughter, Mariah Kala Watson. “She had tremendous drive and passion. My goal was to teach her how to use all that energy, to channel her curiosity without quashing her spirit.”

A Lifetime of UC Davis Experiences

January 02, 2015
When Donald Lockhart ‘42 came to UC Davis with Future Farmers of America for the first time in 1926, he had no idea that this Army housing field would one day be his very own alma mater.