Alumni Center Art Gallery

Art Gallery in Walter A. Buehler Alumni Center at UC Davis


Photography: Bridging Art and Science

June 6 - August 14

The final student exhibition for "Photography: Bridging Art and Science," a Science and Society Program class taught by Terry Nathan at the University of California, Davis, will be held at the Buehler Alumni and Visitors Center on the University of California, Davis campus beginning June 6 and continuing through August 14. The exhibit features 50 student photographs exploring the conceptual connections between art and science and the role of art and science on the UC Davis campus. 

Course SAS 40
Science and Society Program

Beginning with centuries-old experiments in optics and chemistry to the present-day digital revolution, the camera has relied on science for its development while also serving as a vital scientific tool for probing and documenting the natural world. In the hands of the artist, the camera has heightened our awareness of the aesthetic qualities of space and light while revealing hidden truths about culture and society.

In this course (SAS 40), students use photography to explore the common ground occupied by art and science. Two lectures each week address topics such as the art and science roots of photography;
principles of space, time and light; Gestalt psychology meets Einsteinian physics in photographic composition; the geometric foundations of art and science; order versus disorder; and photographic interpretation of the environment. One studio session each week builds visual literacy skills through hands-on photography projects. This final student exhibition highlights the learning and creativity that emerges when students explore the intellectual realm shared by art and science.