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Network Leader Resources

Network leaders play an important in building community among and planning events for UC Davis alumni around the world. This page is full of resources and materials to help network leaders understand their role, host and plan events, register their network, and stay updated about upcoming trainings. Contact your CAAA Liaison if you have any questions.

Registration and Networks

  • CAAA Annual Network Registration form: The CAAA Annual Network Registration form is open from to April 30, 2022. All networks are required to submit the registration each year.
  • Network Registration Instruction Worksheet: Download the worksheet to guide you through all the components of the network registration.
  • Terms and Conditions Form: Each network leader is required to read and sign the terms and conditions form as part of the network registration and continued compliance for the group. The Terms and Conditions form must be completed by April 30, 2022 to finalize network registration. Volunteers appointed after network registration must fill out this form to finalize network leader status.
  • CAAA Membership: Each alumni leader must have a current annual or lifetime membership. Members information can be found on the One Alumni Network page.
  • Bylaws Template: A sample bylaws is available for groups to help establish guidance within the Cal Aggie Alumni Association Board of Governance.
  • Checklists for creating networks assist with new groups in the Cal Aggie Alumni Association. Groups that are dissolving can use this worksheet.

Being a Leader

Event Planning and Resources

Professional Development and Ongoing Support

Volunteer Leadership Conferences

Policies and References