UC Davis Email Access

Graduates prior to 2009 and CAAA members

Email accounts for graduates prior to 2009 are disabled upon graduation. To receive an alumni email account, become a member of the Cal Aggie Alumni Association and contact member services to set up an email account. The email account will use @alumni.ucdavis.edu, not @ucdavis.edu.

If your deadline to retain a UC Davis email address has lapsed, you may obtain an alumni email account by becoming a CAAA member and contacting member services to set up an email account.

Existing alumni email account holders may use this link to access their alumni email account.

Graduates after 2009

Graduates after 2009 on the DavisMail system will continue to have access to their UC Davis email account, although technical support converts from the campus' IT Express to Google.*

If you want to discontinue your UC Davis email account and redirect future incoming emails to a different email account, fill out a request form on the IET website to redirect your UC Davis emails to an external email address of your choice.

Existing DavisMail account holders may use this link to access their UC Davis email account.

* Please note: This does not extend to students in programs associated with the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, Public Health, and other specialized programs that are not a part of Davismail. If you are using any electronic communications resources, such as an email address, for incidental personal use (e.g. for a login address to a non-UC Davis web page) it is strongly encouraged that you switch to using a personal non-UC Davis email address so you do not lose access to those sites or services.