Two people smiling while laughing when looking a paper at a career fair with visible booths behind.

Rising Professionals

Stuck in a role where your potential is not being recognized? Want to move up the ladder, but not sure if you have what it takes to get there? Looking to grow in your career? Building up your leadership skills or continuing your education could be the answer.

  • Check out the opportunities at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education.
  • Volunteer for bigger, more challenging projects. This may unlock opportunities with your current employer or future employers.
  • Read articles in your industry or find articles on how to improve your soft skills at work.
  • Attend a UC Davis alumni networking event to expand your horizons and meet new connections. 
  • Evaluate your career plan. If you don’t have a plan, create one. Think about what you want to accomplish and detail the steps, skills, and jobs you would need to get there.