Various students on the top floor of the Hutchinson parking garage talking and watching the sun set.

Aggie Traditions

At UC Davis, Aggie Traditions surround us: wearing UC blue and gold to athletic events, watching the Picnic Day parade and so much more. 

Complete our list of Aggie Traditions to learn about university life and recognize what makes UC Davis such a special place. Today, students, alumni, parents or staff are welcome to finish the traditions and become an Authentic Aggie!

Download the Aggie Traditions Checklist

Please check-off and date when each tradition was completed. You can turn in a hard copy in-person to the Walter Buehler Alumni Center or electronically via

Traditions 1 - 10

  • 1. Dine at the Coffee House
  • The Associated Students of UC Davis (ASUCD) Coffee also known as the CoHo, is the largest student-run “restaurant” in the United States, with about 7,000 customers per day. Located in the Memorial Union, the CoHo offers everything from deli sandwiches and soup, to burritos and pizza, delicious cookies and sweets at the bakery. It is a great place to grab a bite to eat between classes or meet a friend for lunch.
  • 2. Ride a Unitrans bus: 
  • Operated under ASUCD since 1968, the Unitrans Bus system is the primary mode of public transportation in Davis. With 49 buses on 14 routes, the Unitrans buses carries over three million passengers around Davis per year. It's free for students and stations can be found on campus at the Memorial Union or by the Silo. A distinct feature of the Unitrans is the double-decker buses that were brought from London to operate on two routes. 
  • 3. Stroll through the Arboretum:
  • The Arboretum provides a serene environment for any outdoor activity. The three-and-a-half mile stretch of nature is the perfect escape for those beautiful Davis days to bike, jog or walk. Enjoy 100 acres blanketed by 4,000 varieties of plants, animal life and a small lake.  
  • 4. Visit the dairy cows:
  • Approximately 100 cows reside in the dairy located on Dairy Road. Although the diary is visible to the public and freshman students living in Tercero Housing area, please only look with your eyes, and don't bother the cows. 
  • 5. Shop at the Davis Farmers Market: 
  • The Davis Farmers Market, located on Fourth and C Street, is a weekly tradition for many Davis residents. Every Saturday morning, locals can purchase fresh produce and mingle with neighbors. In the fall and spring, the Farmer's Market is open on Wednesday evenings and in late spring, Wednesday nights become Picnic in the Park with music and other entertainment. 
  • 6. Read The Aggie
  • The California Aggie is the official campus student newspaper, published and read since 1915 and currently prints every Thursday. There is also an online version of the newspaper that is updated daily. The Aggie is a great way to keep up with campus news, plus there are fun crossword puzzles to help pass time. 
  • 7. Volunteer on behalf of UC Davis: 
  • Whether you volunteer at an Arboretum plant sale, become a docent for the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts, mentor students or help at one of the alumni association chapter events, students, alumni, parents and friends are examples of what makes UC Davis great. 
  • 8. Attend a UC Davis Athletics event: 
  • UC Davis teams participate at the NCAA Division I, and with over 800 student athletes competing in  25 sports, there are many opportunities to cheer your Aggies on to victory. Individual UC Davis athletes have also been recognized on the national and international stage. Catch the next game, match or competition and get a chance to see the next round of future Olympians. Davis home events are free to all students. Visit to check schedules for your favorite teams!
  • 9. Visit the Manetti Shrem Museum: 
  • Grounded in the legacy of UC Davis' world-renowned first generation art faculty, the Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art is the hub of creative practice for today's thinkers, makers and innovators, now and for generations to come. 
  • 10. Visit the MU Games Area: 
  • The Games Area hosts a wide variety of gaming-related activities in a fun and clean environment for the UC Davis student body. Guests from the community are also welcome to join the fun at the Games Area. On-site activities include bowling, billiards, console gaming and boarding. 

Traditions 11 - 20

  • 11. Register to vote: 
  • ASUCD is a group of dedicated students who participate in and run the student government. Elections for ASUCD candidates occur each fall and winter quarter with terms for the executive and senate lasting for one year. Alumni, parents and students can vote to ensure their voices and concerns are heard in the community. 
  • 12. Attend the Whole Earth Festival: 
  • Whole Earth Festival (WEF), previously known as "Art Happening," began in 1969 with Jose Arguelles and his art class. Following the declaration of Earth Day in 1970 by the United Nations, the second "Art Happening" was renamed to "Whole Earth." Today, WEF occurs every Mother's Day weekend on the UC Davis Quad, where individuals gather for the three-day music and education festival. Arts and crafts vendors come to showcase their work at this zero-waste event. 
  • 13. Visit the Shields Library: 
  • Peter J. Shields Library is one of the four libraries comprising the UC Davis University Library. Named after Peter J. Shields, a superior court judge who authored the legislative act that established the UC Davis campus, the library contains approximately two million bound volumes on five floors. Take the afternoon to check out a book and explore the numerous resources the library has to offer. 
  • 14. Celebrate Aggie Pride Friday and wear UC Davis apparel:
  • Show your UC Davis spirit by wearing Aggie Blue on Fridays. Nine out of 10 Aggies say they perform better on midterms, finals, corporate meetings, professional negotiations, etc. when they are wearing Aggie Blue. Be sure to wear your UC Davis shirt on your next exam, meeting or presentation and show your Aggie Pride every Friday. 
  • 15. Celebrate the arts at UC Davis: 
  • Art at UC Davis comes in a variety of forms, from musical performances to sculpture around campus to design. Whether it is hosing the incomparable violinist Yo Yo Ma at the beautiful Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts or training the next generation of world-famous artists, the university is the place to be for appreciating all types of arts. 
  • 16. Tune in to KDVS:
  • KDVS, 90.3 FM, began on February 1, 1964 and is one of the four full-time freeform community radio stations in the United States. Back in 1964, when KDVS was known as KCD 880 AM, the radio station broadcasted from a small laundry room in Beckett Hall, a former dormitory on the UC Davis campus. Today, KDVS is the leader in UC radio as the only student-managed 24/7/365 live broadcast station. If you enjoy metal, hip hop, punk, electronic or experimental music, check out the many KDVS shows that are offered, or start a show of your own.
  • 17. Visit the Walter A. Buehler Alumni Center: 
  • Located across the arboretum from Mark Hall and next to the Mondavi Center, visit the Buehler Alumni Center and check out the current art installation. The center is home to services for current students, alumni, parents, retirees and community members. 
  • 18. Learn the Aggie Fight Song: 
  • Another way to show your Aggie Pride at UC Davis events is to learn the UC Davis fight song, "Aggie Fight":

    Lift up your voices / Now's the time to sing / This is the day / The victory bell will ring / Loyal Aggies, all for one / Never stopping 'till we've won / Because the Mustang will show / Our team the way to fight / Charging the enemy / With all his might / Let's go, Let's win, Today's the day / The Aggies will Fight, Fight, Fight! 
  • 19. Visit the Student Community Center: 
  • The Student Community Center (SCC), located in central campus, is home to dynamic student life centers and academic services at UC Davis. The SCC fosters a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all visitors. The building features more than 4,800 square feet of event space, including a multi-purpose room, five meeting rooms and two adjacent patios. 
  • 20. Find all the eggheads on campus (there are five):
  • Robert Arneson, a UC Davis faculty member and "father of the ceramic Funk movement," designed the Egghead sculptures installed on the UC Davis campus in 1991 - 1994. The Egghead series is one of the several campus art series, consisting of five sculptures knows as See No Evil/Hear No Evil, Eye on Mrak (Fatal Laff), Yin & Yang, Bookhead and Stargazer. Arneson hoped the Eggheads would be an integral part of campus life. Students often kiss Bookhead for good luck before exams. 

Traditions 21 - 30

  • 21. Enjoy UC Davis olive oil: 
  • For many years, the UC Davis grounds keepers disposed of the olive crop that fell from campus olive trees each season. In 2005, under campus grounds manager Sal Genito, the university began to harvest these olives to make olive oil. Grown without irrigation, harvested by hand and machine, UC Davis olive pol is a fruity and fresh extra virgin olive oil, which can be enjoyed with a variety of foods. 
  • 22. Spend a sunny day on the Quad: 
  • The Quad, originally designed as the central feature of the University Farm, began as an avenue of shaded trees with annual crop production. Doubling in size from the original plan, the Quad now servers as a gathering place for study groups, picnics, playing frisbee, taking naps and hosting festivals and concerts. When the weather permits, spend an afternoon on the Quad and enjoy the diversity UC Davis has to offer. 
  • 23. Ride a bike on campus or visit the Bike Barn: 
  • The Davis Bike Loop is a 12-mile route connecting many of the bike paths throughout the city of Davis. In 1988, UC Davis Landscape Architecture professor Mark Francis proposed the Davis Greenway Plan, which would connect many parks and bike paths in Davis. Completed in the summer of 2007, the route comprises of a nine-mile bike path, three miles of bike lane, three bridges over the freeway, one tunnel under the freeway and six additional tunnels. If you enjoy biking, make sure you ride the loop at least once before graduating. 
  • 24. Ring the Tavernetti Victory Bell: 
  • Dedicated to the memory of Thomas Fredrick Tavernetti, a UC Davis graduate and assistant dean of the College of Agriculture, the Victory Bell is rung  after every home football victory once for every touchdown the Aggies score. Stick around after Aggie victories and join in this celebration with the UC Davis Marching Band. 
  • 25. Donate food to the UC Davis student pantry: 
  • The Pantry project is a direct response to the growing need among the UC Davis student population for more aid in resources to help offset the financial burden of the current economic climate in combination with rising fees, textbook costs and living expenses. Students face challenges juggling the costs of living while working to obtain a university degree. For this reason, The Pantry was established to help offset these financial burdens and ensure that students may continue to successfully complete and obtain their degrees from UC Davis.
  • 26. Stroll down the Centennial Walk: 
  • The Centennial Walk is a 450-foot long concrete walkway separating the East and West Quads. The path dates to around 1915 where a dirt path connected the West Hall dormitory (where the Memorial Union is today) and a classroom building (site of Shields Library). In the 1930s, the path was converted to concrete and turf and trees were added to create the Quad. Construction began in the summer of 2008 during the university's Centennial Fall Festival, commemorating the 1908 - 1909 term when students first attended classes. 
  • 27. Take a picture with Gunrock: 
  • Gunrock, the Aggie mascot, is a furry blue mustang that can be spotted at most UC Davis sporting events. The original Gunrock, however, was a thoroughbred of blueblood heritage. Gunrock's stay at UC Davis lasted from 1921 - 1931, during which he bred 476 mares. Today, Aggie fans are constantly seen snapping photos with the furry blue Gunrock while showing their Aggie Pride. 
  • 28. Join or attend a CAAA, SAA or APFA event: 
  • UC Davis Alumni and Affiliate Relations encompasses the Cal Aggie Alumni Association (CAAA), the Student Alumni Association (SAA) and the Aggie Parent and Family Association (APFA). All these groups help alumni, parents, students and the community become part of the Aggie Family by providing resources, events, networking opportunities and a way for Aggies to stay connected with UC Davis. Become a member today or simply attend an event and show your Aggie Pride! 
  • 29. Explore downtown Davis: 
  • Located on the edge of campus, downtown Davis is filled with local shops, restaurants and movie theaters, which are all part of Davis' designation as an authentic "university town." Pedestrian and bicycle friendly, downtown Davis offers endless opportunities to explore and discover new things. Each spring, the California Aggie publishes a student selected "Best of Davis," which includes everything from where to get the best burgers to the most romantic place to take a date. It's a handy tool for freshman and transfer students and a key to exploring the hidden treasures of downtown Davis. 
  • 30. Enjoy the fifth food group (Woodstock's Pizza):
  • A true Aggie tradition, Woodstock's Pizza in Davis serves delicious pizza and healthy salads that will satisfy any occasion. 

Traditions 31 - 40

  • 31. "Like" the SAA, CAAA or APFA on Facebook: 
  • Show Aggie pride and support CAAA, SAA or APFA on Facebook or other social media outlets. Connecting with UC Davis online will ensure that you are up-to-date with all of our upcoming events and programs. 
  • 32. Visit and cool off at the Rec Pool:
  •  The Recreation Pool is a great place to go on a hot day with friends. It is the largest freeform swimming pool on the west coast. The Rec Pool has lap lanes, diving boards, an island, large areas for sunbathing and a shallow wading pool to suit the needs of everyone. 
  • 33. Give back to UC Davis:
  • Students at UC Davis have a long tradition of giving back to the campus and the community, whether it's volunteering at local shelters and soup kitchens or raising money for programs at children's hospitals. That tradition of giving back has expanded to include The Pantry, an on-campus food back, and We Are Aggie Pride, a student philanthropy initiative designed to provide emergency funds for students in need.
  • 34. Enjoy a meal at the Dining Commons: 
  • The three main dining commons on campus include Segundo, Tercero and Cuarto. Students can purchase meal plans and alumni and parents can purchase meals individually throughout the academic year. A variety of meals are served every day including vegetarian and vegan dishes, pasta, pizza, sautéed dishes, grilled meal and meat-alternative options, Mongolian BBQ, cereal, baked goods, full salad bar and an assortment of beverages. 
  • 35. Get active at the UC Davis ARC: 
  • The Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) is a state-of-the-art exercise and recreation facility that is free to all currently enrolled students and for a small fee for parents, alumni and community members. Whether you want to try out the climbing wall, do a daily workout or just meet with friends for a game of pick-up basketball, the ARC provides the perfect venue to have fun and meet your fitness goals. The first week of each quarter students have an opportunity to "try before you buy" any of the additional classes that ARC offers. 
  • 36. Read along with the Campus Book Project: 
  • Each year since 2002, UC Davis has created a Campus Community Book Project in which a book is chosen for the campus to read as a community. Readers can follow the community organized events, discussions and projects all about the community book. An eclectic mix including favorites such as The Kite Runner, The Geography of Bliss, and Thinking in Pictures: My Life is Autism. The Campus Book Project unites the wide variety of campus community interests under one common theme. 
  • 37. Visit the UC Davis stores:
  • UC Davis bookstores carry a wide selection of UC Davis apparel and gifts, school, office and art supplies, computer hardware, software and books. 
  • 38. Read a CAAA, SAA or APFA publication: 
  • Alumni and Affiliate Relations publishes a monthly newsletter called Aggie Connections and contributes to the UC Davis Magazine. UC Davis Magazine is an award-winning publication filled with enriching, fascinating and useful stories and information about UC Davis alumni, students, faculty members, programs and research projects around the world. 
  • 39. Attend a Cultural Day event: 
  • Davis students take pride in their cultures and heritages. Students work every year to bring more cultural diversity to campus, raise awareness and introduce their culture to the broader student body. The student-run events hosts powwows and cultural fairs, bring speakers to campus and much more. Look for these events every spring: Native American Cultural Days, Asian Pacific Culture Week, La Raza Cultural Days, Mixed Heritage Week and Black Family Week. 
  • 40. Visit the UC Davis Student Farm:
  • At the heart of UC Davis, we are an agricultural school. Since its inception in 1977, the Student Farm has served UC Davis students and faculty, farmers, gardeners, school children and many others. The unique program centers around three principles: a focus on sustainable agriculture principles and practices; an emphasis on in-field, experimental learning; and the encouragement of student initiative, creativity and exploration. Visit the farm to discover UC Davis roots or become and intern and contribute to a great program.

Traditions 41 - 48

  • 41. Visit the Meat Lab: 
  • Instead of heading to the supermarket to buy chicken and steak for dinner, head to the UC Davis' very own meat lab. The UC Davis meat lab is a federally inspected meat-processing plant located in the Harold Cole Facility for the Study of the Biology of Large Animals. Students working at the meat lab can gain hands-on experience and learn meat processing, an the rest of campus has the opportunity to buy locally. The meat lab is open on Thursdays and Fridays, and sells cheese for vegetarians. 
  • 42. Pursue an international experience: 
  • With extensive initiative, research and planning, it is possible to pursue an international experience that fits your professional goals. There are many unique considerations to think about before studying abroad. Going abroad can help build language skills or develop skill desired in many jobs such as federal government agencies like Foreign Service, or international and non-governmental organizations. 
  • 43. Join a student club or alumni network: 
  • UC Davis has over 450 registered student clubs and the alumni association has over 30 networks around the world. There is a club that fits almost every interest and need. Student clubs and alumni networks provide opportunities and a chance to meet fellow Aggies while being able to enjoy new and fun experiences. 
  • 44. Seek advice from UC Davis alumni or mentor a student: 
  • Next time you are on campus connect with many UC Davis alumni and learn how they were impacted by the university. In fact, the university employs approximately 3,000 UC Davis alumni, so it won't be difficult bumping into a fellow Aggie. Many alumni and parents, come back to campus and mentor students, and students get the opportunity to meet with distinguished alumni and community members. 
  • 45. Dine at the Silo Union: 
  • The Silo Union, one of the first, a few remaining original structures of the University farm served many functions over the last century. In addition to having been a dairy farm, it also operated as a resident dining hall and now serves as a student union featuring a food court and the Gunrock Pub. 
  • 46. Join the fun on Picnic Day: 
  • Picnic Day is the oldest UC Davis tradition dating back to 1909; however, back then, University Farm hosted an open house to showcase its new dairy farm. Now, the event is sponsored by the university, the City of Davis and ASUCD. Picnic Day has been student-run since 1912 and remains one of the largest student-run events in the country. Attendance to Picnic Day as grown over the years and now the expected attendance is over 100,000 people. Current and prospective students, faculty, alumni, staff and community members come from all over to participate in Picnic Day, which includes a parade, performance by the UC Davis Marching Band!, the Doxie Derby and the Battle of the Bands, and exhibits by campus departments. 
  • 47. Attend a UC Davis Commencement: 
  • Commencement ceremonies occur at the end fall and spring quarters of each academic year. Attendance is not mandatory, but it is a great way for students to celebrate their achievements with friends, family and their fellow Aggies. Parents and families are encouraged to attend to support their Aggie and to witness the recognition of their student's hard work and determination. 
  • 48. Create your own tradition!