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Rules of Conduct for University Employees and Volunteers Involved With Information Regarding Individuals

  1. I am responsible for the collection, maintenance, use, and dissemination or information about individuals which relates to their personal life, including employment and medical history, financial transactions, marital status and dependents, and shall comply with the State of California Information Practices Act. The PPM-320-20 shall be used as a basic guide in administering the Act provisions.
  2. I shall not require individuals to disclose personal or confidential information about themselves which is not necessary and relevant to the purposes of the University or to the particular function for which I am responsible.
  3. I shall make every reasonable effort to see that inquiries and requests by individuals for their personal or confidential records are responded to quickly, courteously, and without requiring the request to repeat the inquiry to others unnecessarily.
  4. I shall assist individuals who seek information pertaining to themselves in making their inquiries sufficiently specific and descriptive so as to facilitate locating the records.
  5. I shall not disclose personal or confidential information relating to individuals to unauthorized persons or entities.  The intentional disclosure of such information to such persons or agencies may be cause for disciplinary action.
  6. I shall not seek out or use personal or confidential information relating to others for their own interest or advantage.  The intentional violation of this rule may be cause for disciplinary action.
  7. I am responsible for the maintenance of personal and confidential records shall take all necessary precautions to assure the proper administrative, technical, and physical safeguards are established and followed in order to protect the confidentiality of records containing personal information and to assure that such records are not disclosed to unauthorized individuals or entities.
  8. I shall respond to inquiries from individuals, and requests from them to review, obtain copies of, amend, correct, or dispute their personal records in a courteous and business-like manner.
  9. I will not be accepting or handling cash on behalf of the Network. I will steward payments through online registrations and portals for donations, registrations and any other payment activities. In the event that I need to accept cash I will report to CAAA and follow all cash handling procedures.
  10. I understand that I must follow all procedures when soliciting gifts and that all solicitations must be pre-approved by CAAA and DEVAR.
  11. I will not accept gifts or gratuity that is offered or reasonably appears to be offered because of the position held by the individual with the Campus Alumni Association.
  12. I will not use my official position to influence a decision in which I have or would have a financial interest as defined by University policy.
  13. I will not enter into contracts, grants, or specific projects on behalf of the University. I understand that all contracts must be entered into directly by the University.
  14. I will respect intellectual property laws and not alter University trademarks and logos and will adhere to the university brand standards as instructed by CAAA, AAR, UC Davis Strategic Communications and DEVAR marketing and Communications.
  15. I understand that no substantial part of the activities of the network shall attempt to influence legislation or participate or intervene in activities may be on behalf of any candidate for public office. Advocacy on behalf of the University is permitted if it is consistent with the legislative, budgetary, and electoral objectives of the University.
  16. I will strive to create an online environment that is welcoming, mutually respectful and inclusive, consistent with the UC Davis Principles of Community. I will maintain civil and respectful dialogue that promotes productive conversations with different ideas and points of view.
  17. I will make sure that content is coming from a credible source and doesn’t have any reputation of being discriminatory, inflammatory or against the Principles of Community.
  18. I will adhere to UC Davis and UCOP Campus Alumni Association and Constituency Group policies and guidelines and work with my CAAA liaisons when questions or any uncertainties arise to address issues.


  1. Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM 320-21) Responsibilities and Guidelines for Handling Records Containing Information about Individuals
  2. University Policy, Guidelines, and Legal Requirements on Privacy of and Access to Information, June 9, 1978
  3. University Policies Applying to the Disclosure of Information from Student Records, February 1, 1977
  4. California Public Records Act (1976)
  5. California Information Practices Act (1977)
  6. California Education Code, Chapter 1.2 Division 16.5
  7. California Penal Code, Section 502, Chapter 858, relating to Computer Crime
  8. Federal Privacy Act of 1974
  9. Federal Family Education Rights and Privacy act of 1974
  10. Electronic Communication Privacy Act of 1986
  11. UC Davis Brand Communications Guidelines: Community Engagement
  12. UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual, Section 400-01, Freedom of Expression
  13. UC Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment
  14. UC Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline
  15. UC Policy on Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action Policy Regarding Academic and Staff Employment
  16. UC Faculty Code of Conduct, Academic Personnel Manual 015
  17. UC’s Electronic Communications Policy
  18. UC Davis Campus Policies: University Communications (Chapter 310)
  19. UC Davis Policy on Cash Handling
  20. Trademark Campus Use
  21. UC Campus Alumni Association and Constituency Group Policy

Related Policies

Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM)

  • 320-All  Records and Archives
  • 380-25   Disclosure of Information from Personnel Records
  • 200-45   Administrative Information Systems
  • 260-All  Gifts and Endowments

Business and Finance Bulletin

  • RMP-8  Legal Requirements on Privacy of and Access to Information
  • IS-3      Electronic Information Security

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Volunteer Agreement Statement

As a volunteer, I understand and agree to the terms and conditions above and will strive to uphold UC Davis Principles of Community in my role. 

I understand that information from UC Davis, CAAA, and Advancement Information System (AIS) and the data contained therein, are the property of The Regents of the University of California, and are for official University Business only. No release of this information may be made to outside organizations or persons without written authorization. Immediately after using the list for the agreed-upon use, the User will destroy any and all copies of the file, including those in printed, electronic, or any other form. The user agrees not to duplicate, reuse, sell, trade or otherwise provide this information to any other party. Violation of local, state, or federal statutes may carry the additional consequence of prosecution under the law, where judicial action may result in specified fines or imprisonment, or both, plus the costs of litigation or the payment of damages, or both.

By receiving this information I agree to be bound by all applicable campus policies, system-wide policies, state and federal law which govern access to private, confidential, or proprietary information.

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