Establishing an Alumni Group

How to Get Started


Email to request information

Volunteer to lead

Agree to serve as the volunteer leader for the group and as the public contact for the chapter or network.


CAAA’s staff will research the group’s viability by searching the alumni database to determine the number of alumni in the region or with the specified affinity.


Once CAAA determines the pool of alumni for a given area or affiliation, we will use a survey to gauge interest and recruit new volunteers.

Requirements to serve as a Leader for a Chapter or Network

  • Must be a current active and dues paying CAAA member.
  • Commit to host/lead 2-3 events per year for a Network and 4 events minimum for a Chapter. Generally this entails 1-2 hours a week in the month leading up to the event. 
  • Agree to serve as a public contact for the chapter or network. Volunteers provide contact information that is published on our website and occasionally in chapter/network materials.

CAAA recognizes that our volunteers have many demands on their time; as such, we will never ask a volunteer to give any more time than they are comfortable with. Staff work to support volunteers in ways that reduce the burden for those giving their time.

Regional Representatives

A regional representative is a role for an individual to support and promote UC Davis in an area where the number of alumni does not meet the criteria stated above for a network. Representatives may also serve in a region with a network, but the representative lives in another area of the state. Example – There is an Arizona Network based in the Phoenix area, and there are representatives in Yuma. Representatives may assist in planning events, representing UC Davis at Admissions events, or serving as a host for an event with visiting faculty or staff. The can be listed on the Alumni Associations Website, and help manage the Facebook or LinkedIn group if applicable and at the discretion of the CAAA staff liaison. The only protocol is that a representative must be a current active and dues paying CAAA member by their second year in the role.