Armchair Anthropology, Dyslexia and Whodunit

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University of East London, USS Campus, E15 1NF

Please join us for a conversation with University of California at Irvine professor Dr Roxanne Varzi, who is an Anthropologist, Filmmaker, Sound Artist, Playwright, Essayist, and Fulbright Scholar. She will read passages from her new book, Death in a Nutshell: an Anthropology Whodunit that highlights the protagonist’s use of her “dyslexic thinking" skills in anthropology and in solving a murder mystery.

Joined by Dr Helen Taylor, originator of The Evolution of Complementary Cognition and Research Fellow at the University of Strathclyde, they will discuss the advantages of dyslexic thinking and why it’s so important to have characters in fiction with this trait. They will also tie it into the importance of dyslexic thinking in a university setting.

In collaboration with the University of California Trust, the event will be hosted by the University of East London at their University Square Stratford campus and is open to all who are interested in the topic of dyslexia.

The evening will conclude with canapes and a chance to network.

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