Noon Concert: Joseph Donald Peterson, solo viola

Noon concert player

Event Date

October 13, 2022 - 12:05 pm - 1:00 pm

Recital Hall, Ann E. Pitzer Center

Joseph Donald Peterson, viola and UC Davis graduate student in music


J.S. Bach: Cello Suite No. 6 in D Major, BWV 1012

Several period performers are convinced Bach’s Sixth Cello Suite was composed for the “Shoulder Cello” or the violoncello da spalla, which is much larger than a viola. This arrangement for viola is a testament to the versatility of Bach’s cello suites in particular.

Milton Babbitt: Play It Again Sam

Piggybacking off of the misquoted line in the film “Casablanca,” Play It Again Sam is a serialist composer’s humorous take premiered by violist Samuel Rhodes (a double meaning perhaps!).

Pablo Ortiz: Le vrai tango Argentin

Le vrai tango Argentin musically recalls Pablo Ortiz’s uncle—who was going through a difficult divorce—playing classic (pre-Piazzolla) tango records for Pablo as a young adult. Ortiz says of his tango: “Like a good storyteller who is not afraid to go on tangents, the performer conveys [this] narrative in a pensive, relaxed manner.”

a Shinkoskey Noon Concert

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