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Pinot and Sparkling without Pretense.

Pour a glass of wine, kick back and read about our exciting adventure that is Flying Goat Cellars. Join our “Mission of Merriment,” which seeks to produce great wine that is reasonably priced.

Our Story

Two pygmy goats, Never and Epernay, inspired winemaker Norm Yost to name his winery Flying Goat Cellars.

The goats were his pets and lawnmowers and came to be a source of entertainment and enjoyment, with their unrestrained spiral loops, flipper turns and straight-legged leaps. When pondering a name for his new wines and brand, Norm wanted to project fun, enjoyment and happiness. While many people put their own name or their children’s name on their label or vineyard, Norm’s playful spirit opted to name it after his kids. His kids, of course, were those two pygmy goat pets, who had always inspired him and made him laugh.

With this same spirit of enthusiasm, Flying Goat Cellars and Goat Bubbles were launched in Lompoc, CA.

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Flying Goat Cellars
1520 East Chestnut Court, Unit A
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