Volunteer Committees

Shape the future of CAAA! Join one of our committees and become an integral part of CAAA's success. Review the committees below. If you are interested in serving, please email alumni@ucdavis.edu.

Committees include:

Audit Committee
The Audit Committee is charged as responsible for overseeing the quality and integrity of the Association’s financial statements, ensuring institutional compliance with mandatory auditing standards, and evaluating institutional systems of risk assessment and internal controls.
Estimated time commitment: 3 meetings per year, 1 – 2 hours in duration; meetings occur in spring and fall.

Business Partnerships and Development Committee
This committee is responsible for developing and implementing a short and long-range plan to increase new business opportunities for the Cal Aggie Alumni Association. This includes but is not limited to new affinity partnerships, sponsorship and advertising. Committee members are encouraged to utilize new and existing relationships and contact s to assist in growing these opportunities.

Chapters Committee
Develops and recommends guidelines to ensure that affiliate programs are fulfilling the mission and objectives of the association and UC Davis. This committee reviews strategies that increase the diversity and strength of chapters and networks, and reviews the progress and development of affiliate groups. It also identifies, cultivates and stewards volunteers in coordination with regional programs, develops strategies to encourage professional and social interaction through regional programs and works with CAAA staff to organize programming for the Chapters and Networks Leadership Conference.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee examines the annual budget submitted by CAAA staff, advises regarding modifications as necessary and submits the budget to the Board for approval. The committee assesses quarterly financial statements and other financial or budget reports and makes appropriate mid-year adjustments to ensure that the Association’s finances match the budget. Special funding requests or other issues that will substantially impact the financial position of the Association are analyzed by the Finance Committee prior to submission to the Board of Directors. It also monitors the investments CAAA has with the UC Regents Office of the Treasurer, advising the Board of any changes to the portfolio if financial goals and objectives are not being met with the current investment mix.

Nomination and Governance Committee
The committee is responsible for filling vacancies on the Board of Directors as they occur. Solicitation of nominations is continuous throughout the year. In accordance with the Bylaws, the Committee annually submits to the Board and dues-paying members of the Association a slate of Directors who are elected for a two-year term of office and nominates the President and President-elect every two years or when a vacancy occurs. In conjunction with the President, the Committee plans and initiates a new Director orientation and conducts an annual assessment of the Board by the Directors.

Scholarship Committee
Serves to advise and oversee policy regarding the CAAA alumni scholarship program; In conjunction with staff directs the program following the guidelines approved by the Board. The Committee is responsible for selecting the recipients of the CAAA Blue & Gold Leadership Scholarship, the Carl L. Garrison Alumni Scholar Merit Award, and the Howard B. Shontz Award. The committee also works to recruit new volunteers that support the review of all 28 areas for regional scholarship. The Committee supports events to honor alumni scholars and donors to the program.


Careers Task Force
Develops and recommends guidelines to ensure that the Cal Aggie Alumni Association continues to support career development and lifelong learning needs of alumni and students.

Term of Committee Service
Cal Aggie Alumni Association Bylaws, Article IV, Section 6: The president, in conjunction with the Executive Director, shall make all appointments to committees and shall appoint a director to serve as chair of each committee. … As of July 1, 2005, the term of appointment for each member and each chair shall be (1) year. No person elected to serve as chair of a committee shall serve in such position on that particular committee for more than two consecutive terms, and no member shall serve on any one committee for more than six (6) consecutive terms.

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