Career Events

The One Aggie Network hosts career networking events that are benefit both current students and alumni. Please visit our upcoming event page to view upcoming occurrences of the annual events listed below. 

Aggie Dinner

Aggie Dinner connects students with alumni over dinner in a professional setting. This event is a great way for alumni from a variety of career fields to share their expertise and UC Davis experiences with interested students. Students benefit through getting first-hand information regarding career paths of interest to them. This event typically takes place in November. 

Interview with an Aggie

Interview with an Aggie provides an opportunity for current students to hone their job interview skills and improve their resumes based on career field of interest.  Students are provided with the chance to sit through a mock interview and have their resumes critiqued by an alum in a similar field. For alumni, it is a great way to meet and mentor bright young students while giving back by imparting expertise and career experience. This event typically takes place in February of each year.

Take an Aggie to Work

This flexible program encourages everything from a full day of job shadowing, an informal coffee date, or even a Skype call. The program connects SAA members with alumni and enables students to get a feel for real-world work environments. Each participant will be paired with an alum in his or her field of interest. Together, the students and alumni make arrangements to meet according to what fits their own schedules.

Join an alumni career panel 

Throughout the year CAAA hosts alumni networking events with career panels featuring alumni from a variety of professions.


CAAA will often work with  affinity partners to host webinars alumni would find useful during their job search. Check our website often to see what new programs we have available.

If you are interested in participating in our Take an Aggie to Work program, please email

    Looking to hire a current UC Davis student?

    We encourage UC Davis alumni to hire current aggies. Explore our employer section for more information.