UC Alumni UK Mentorship Program

Event Date

 As a graduate of the University of California now living in the United Kingdom, you are a part of a thousands-strong network. Many professional have made the UK their home, whether for a few years or a lifetime.

The UC Alumni UK Mentorship Program allows you to tap into that network. Exclusively for alumni, by alumni. Enrollment is now open for the 2020 UC Mentorship program for alumni, by alumni! Enroll here to be a mentor, mentee or both: Once enrollment closes on 23rd November, matches will be announced and the program kicked off in January to run through June. The commitment is to meet up 3-6 times (including by phone) with your mentee/mentor.


  • Enrollment closes: November 23
  • Matching Announced: Mid January
  • Networking Kick-off Event: End of January


Program Details

  • The program runs for a six-month program 
  • Mentor and mentee pairs meet (at minimum) once a month
  • It is recommended that the initial meeting take place in person, and subsequently continue meeting in person, by phone or video technology
  • Mentees will take the initiative in setting up meetings