Robert Meeson playing rugby at UC Davis

Rugby Alumni Network

The UC Davis Rugby Alumni Network promotes and teaches the sport of rugby by supporting all players through alumni networking and campus student initiatives. We lead with the values of rugby to unite an inclusive, passionate rugby players and fans, ignite sustainable development, and grow opportunities for the players as they develop, learn, and become productive members of their communities. 

Our values include:

  • Provide opportunities to express the inclusive passion of rugby and reflect the UC Davis Principles of Community.
  • Teach core lessons of leadership, teamwork and accountability learned through the discipline of rugby.
  • Create an environment of transparency and integrity through community outreach and competitive play.
  • Work with governing bodies to improve the acceptance of all athletes at all levels.

Through our values, engagement, and the rugby experience, the UC Davis Rugby Alumni Network continues to advance all our members as dedicated professional and community leaders and advance the mission of the University of California, Davis.

Chair: Ian Sherman
Network Leader: Ben Pettigrew
Network Leader: Colton Collings
Network Leader: Nick Sowa

CAAA Liaison: Nestor Lopez