Zoe Kelsey

Leading the Way at UC Davis

By Breeanna Meunier

Zoe Kelsey ’16 says “the first time I stepped onto the campus to take a tour, I felt like I was meant to go here.” This communications major says that she fell in love with the “atmosphere of the town and community of the students.”

Fast-forward to today, and Kelsey couldn’t be happier with her decision as she is about to attend her second year, and says she has “made the best friends I’ve ever had”.

As a member of the Christian club, College Life, and RHAB Kelsey says she wanted to “become more a part of UC Davis student life as a leader” and that drove her to join the SAA board as the newly appointed Interview with an Aggie manager. She thinks this experience will help her “meet peers of different age groups” and “help create lasting connections.”

When not participating in her extracurricular activities, Kelsey says she can be found “going for walks in the arboretum and studying in the peace and quiet of my room”.

Looking towards the future, Kelsey says it’s important for alumni to stay involved “in order to encourage current UC Davis students and help them find a path and connection to future careers”. She plans to do this by “being involved as an alumni in CAAA”. Kelsey is looking forward to graduating and finding a job “that is active; I have a passion for, and is interesting to me.”

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