Multi-talented and driven to succeed, UC Davis alumni are everywhere: climbing corporate ladders in the tech industry, using decades of farming experience to grow things people said couldn’t be grown in California, making connections in the professional sports world, starting up skyscrapers to create affordable housing, or earning a name for themselves by solving some of the greatest challenges of our time. They find success because their alma mater taught them to be committed, aim high, innovate and work hard.

These qualities and experiences are shared by all UC Davis alumni, making them highly desirable on the job market. For these reasons and many others, alumni are inspired to help other Aggies achieve their dreams. So they turn to their alma mater to volunteer, find students to mentor and recruit fellow Aggies for exciting positions.

This page features stories about successful alumni who have made a point to help other Aggies achieve their dreams. Share your exciting career stories or moments of professional connections with other Aggies by using #AggiesAtWork.

Like Father, Like Sun

May 22, 2018
Alumnus entrepreneur reduces the carbon footprint of Yolo County with affordable solar

Ice Ice Aggie

May 19, 2018

By Trevor Stewart

Nolan de Graaff ’05, a Cal Aggie Alumni Association member, always knew he had an entrepreneurial spirit. In high school, de Graaff operated an eBay business from his home. His dad handled the mailing, and when de Graaff got home from school, he would work on the business development aspects of his company.

“Building something and working for myself was in my blood,” de Graaff said. “I just like to keep building, adding value and creating new things. It’s fun, like I am playing in a sandbox every day.”

Promoting Positive Nutrition

April 19, 2018
Anne Spalding ’84, Premier Nutrition Corporation, has enjoyed staying connected to UC Davis through CAAA.

Building Connections

April 19, 2018
Although Cynthia Murphy ’91 grew up without college-educated parents, she knew she would be the first in her family to attend a university.

Recognizing Opportunity, Balancing Risk

April 19, 2018

By Gregory Watry

Risk is inherent in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation. For Deborah Neff ’76, chief executive officer of Evanostics and principal at DJN Consulting, risk is important, but not risk of a haphazard nature.

A ‘Netflix Original’ Aggie

December 28, 2017
UC Davis alumnus shares what it’s like to be an executive at one of the fastest growing tech companies

Reimagining Cities

October 03, 2017
Aggies team up to change how middle-income city dwellers live

Moving Forward and Holding On

October 03, 2017
UC Davis alumnus advances his career while staying connected to the One Aggie Network