Alumni News

November is National Career Development Month

What do the Girl Scouts and successful career development have in common? The answer to this likely unexpected question is coming later in this post. But first, a little context. November is National Career Development Month!

Shining a light on the emotions of money

Personal finance advisor Amber Berry ’14 strives to help people not only improve their financial situation, but another equally important—yet not as commonly treated—part of finances: their mindset.

Aggie, Interrupted

When Keiso Eya (1922-2021) arrived at UC Davis as a first-year student in 1941, he could not have anticipated that it would be nearly 70 years before his graduation ceremony.

Translating education, building community

When Mariel Becerra Arellano ’19 was 12 years old, her family moved from Mexico to Colusa, California. When she transferred to UC Davis, she balanced her double major in English and Spanish alongside a full-time job for La Cooperativa Campesina de California, a nonprofit that supports farm workers throughout the state.