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Reflecting and Taking Steps

December 14, 2020

As we pass through the shortest days of the current year, many cultures encourage a time of inward reflection and intention setting for the year ahead. At the Internship and Career Center (ICC), reflection and intention setting are a year-round practice we encourage for students! Your student may want to act on some of the insights they are discovering about themselves, and we know the importance of your support as they determine their next steps.

Parent sparks win-win partnership with the ASUCD Pantry

December 14, 2020

By Cari DuBois-Wright, Associate Director of Development in Parent Giving

The holidays are a time of giving—and we thank UC Davis parents for finding creative ways to support students in need. 

Consider the story of UC Davis parent Larry Jacobs, who took his longtime support of the ASUCD Pantry—a student-run organization providing food and hygiene items to hundreds of students each week—to the next level by creating a working partnership with Salesforce, where he worked as a software architect. 

Students to Help Students Find Stable Housing 

November 23, 2020

by Cari DuBois-Wright, Associate Director of Development in Parent Giving

Last month I shared how I never stop marveling at the generosity and dedication of UC Davis parents. This month I’d like to talk about our amazing students, who are joining forces to address a growing problem at UC Davis and campuses nationwide: housing insecurity and homelessness among students. 

ICC is Ready to Help

November 23, 2020

By Marcie Kirk Holland, Executive Director, UC Davis Internship & Career Center

It’s hard to believe, but The Holidays are here! The winter break is a great time for much needed down time, especially in a year as stressful as 2020 has been. It’s also a great time to focus on career preparation. The UC Davis Internship and Career Center (ICC) is ready to help! We have been busy preparing resources that are available 24/7.  

For Parents by Parents: Aggies at Home with the Arts 

November 23, 2020

By Mary Jane Dellafiora  

In the midst of a pandemic, with large group and public gatherings canceled, you would expect this to be a brief column. However, students, their families and friends still can access the vibrant arts at UC Davis. What better way for them to stay in touch with the community and provide themselves with entertainment and intellectual stimulation while adhering to safety guidelines to protect each other?  

What to Know About Internships

October 06, 2020

Written by Robin Reshwan, Seen on

As “Plastics” were the future to young Benjamin Braddock in the movie “The Graduate,” internships are the future for the students and new grads of today. Hiring managers consider internships important for career success, but they are also one of the best ways to explore potential careers. This brief guide to internships will help you understand what an internship is, how to find one and how they can expand your future career prospects.

Welcoming Our Incoming Aggie Bike Fam!

September 14, 2020

Can you feel it? The excitement is real, a palpable giddiness about your student becoming an Aggie. Or is it happy-sadness that they are leaving home, starting something new for themselves? These are strange times. But, rest assured, your student is not alone. They are about to become part of something great at UC Davis and we’re here to help with one of the most important aspects of becoming an Aggie -- becoming an Aggie cyclist!

How to Improve Your Career Development

June 25, 2020

Regularly evolving your skills can lead to a long and successful career. 
By Robin Reshwan. As seen on


One of the perks of targeting tech in your career development plan is that there are multiple free and low-cost ways to access training. Most software manufacturers offer free tutorials and resources because they want you to use their tools more effectively. If you would like deeper or specific knowledge, you can ask questions on community boards often managed or monitored by csoftware manufacturers.