Navigating Campus Now Easier

campus map sign

UC Davis has implemented a new way for visitors to navigate the Davis campus, complete with clearer signage, in order to get the million-plus visitors that arrive on our campus annually to their destinations. You may have noticed that our previous signage often abandoned its followers at the next intersection, leaving many frustrated. 

UC Davis Campus Planner Bob Segar solved the problem by dividing the campus into four districts: Gateway, Pavilion, Quad, and Health Sciences. As long as you know what district your destination is in, these signs will lead you to the best place to park; from there maps and other pedestrian signs will help lead you to your final destinations. You will know when you have arrived in a district because the sign hierarchy changes (see photos below) and begins to include major destinations. 

The Gateway district is the contemporary doorway to the university, featuring the Robert and Margrit Mondavi Performing Arts Center, Walter A. Buehler Alumni Center, Mondavi Wine Institute, and the newly con-structed Hyatt and University Conference Center. The 8,000-seat Pavilion arena is a district unto itself. Freeborn Hall, Memorial Union, and of course, the tree-lined Quad constitute the Quad district, the historic core of the UC Davis and the center of student life. In the Health Sciences district, you’ll find the Genome and Biomedical Sciences building; Tupper Hall, where many of the medical school’s basic science departments are located; and Carlson Medical Library. 

For more information about the districts and finding your way on campus, view the campus map at