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Finding a career you love

Encourage your student to uncover a profession they love through: 1. Carving out time to understand personal values, skills, and interests 2. Talking to people and networking 3. Testing it out and reflecting

Keeping in communication with your student: the power of being in the right major

This is the fifth part of a series where we highlight part of the academic transition your student might be experiencing and questions you can ask your student to help support them through this transition. This month we are focusing on major exploration. UC Davis has over 100 majors! There truly is a major for everyone, but it can be overwhelming.

Keeping in Communication with your Student: Embracing Co-curricular Activities

Winter quarter is a great time for your student to start getting involved on campus outside of the classroom if they haven’t already. Co-curricular activities complement the learning that students are attaining in the classroom by allowing them to practice and apply what they are learning. It is also a great way for your student to build skills and find community. UC Davis is an enormous campus, and getting involved in clubs, groups, or other activities can help make the campus feel smaller, have a more personalized experience and make it easier to connect with other students with similar interests.