Aggie Parent Guide to Year Four

Keeping Your Fourth Year Student on Track

Prepare graduate school applications

If your student is applying to graduate school, they should know which programs they wish to pursue. In addition, they should know when and how to apply. Encourage your student to stay on top of deadlines and to be proactive in the application process. Quarterly pre-graduate and professional advising workshops are offered at the Student Academic Success Center, so consider encouraging your student to attend. For more information and a schedule of workshops, visit the Student Academic Success Center here

Update resume and ask for references

Presenting an updated resume that documents your student's experience and capabilities is key for success in the job market. Encourage them to work with the Internship and Career Center to finalize their resume, cover letter and other supporting documents. Encourage your student to identify contacts and appropriate references for job applications.

Attend career events

The Internship and Career Center hosts events throughout the year to help graduating students explore job opportunities and prepare for their career search. Many of these events give students valuable networking opportunities, including face time with employers.

Connect with alumni

The Cal Aggie Alumni Association will support your student long after graduation. If your student has not been involved with the Student Alumni Association during their academic journey, it is not too late for them to join the Cal Aggie Alumni Association. Membership will help them remain engaged with UC Davis through alumni networks in California, throughout the United States and around the world. They will also gain access to various benefits, exclusive events, special communications and more.


Commencement will be here before you know it. Encourage your student to check the commencement website often to ensure they are on track to graduate and that they complete the logistical and traditional steps toward graduation on time. Encourage your student to create and follow a checklist to ensure nothing is missed. PARENTS SHOULD CONSIDER MAKING HOTEL RESERVATIONS UP TO ONE YEAR IN ADVANCE OF COMMENCEMENT.


Be sensitive to the range of emotions your graduating student may be experiencing; they could range from excitement to fear to anticipation. Many things will be changing in your student's life, and it is crucial that they have a good sounding board. Your support will be much appreciated as your senior transitions from the end of the college journey into the next stage of life.

Once a member of the Aggie family, always a member of the Aggie family

As the university continues to involve your student as a young alumnus, we hope you will also continue your connection. Parents are the best advocates for UC Davis. Your insights can help other parents along their journey. We hope you will continue to volunteer on campus, attend educational and social events, provide internship and job opportunities to our students and alumni, and support UC Davis through a contribution to the Parent Fund.

Your Place As A Senior Parent

Senior legacy

Honor your graduating senior by making a meaningful gift to the department or program of their choice. Encourage your student to make their own gift to begin their own legacy at UC Davis. At UC Davis, we provide more students with scholarships and financial aid than any other UC. Your student can help us continue to do so by making even a small gift, which will enable future generations of the best and brightest students to come to UC Davis.


Getting Involved As A Parent

Ambassador or Parent Council Member

As your student continues to be involved, we invite you to do the same! Volunteer as a parent ambassador at events on campus and in your home area. The Office of Parent and Family Programs provides a range of volunteer activities that will help connect you with fellow Aggie Parents, faculty and alumni throughout the school year. Consider applying to become a member of the UC Davis Parent and Family Council. The Council provides a committed network of parent and family volunteers who help improve the quality of the university experience for all UC Davis families. Council members help guide the department of Parent and Family Program’s efforts with regard to communication, engagement and enrichment programs for UC Davis families. Council members participate in two in-person meetings per year and may work remotely to promote additional committee efforts. Council members are encouraged to make an annual gift to UC Davis. Applications are accepted in December and January of each year.

Homecoming And Parent And Family Weekend 

Spend time on campus with your student and enjoy an eventful and memorable fall weekend. Be a student for a day by participating in a morning of specially selected faculty presentations followed by a traditional college football game.

Other opportunities

Visit or contact the Office of Parent and Family Programs to learn more about how you can get involved.



Telephone resources

(530) area codes:

Visitor Services (530) 752-8111

Student Housing 752-2033

Student Health & Counseling Center 752-2300

Student Disability Center 752-3184

UC Davis Parent Fund 754-1100

Parent & Family Programs 754-9180

Police (nonemergency) 754-2677

Police – emergency 911

Registrar 752-3639

Campus Directory Assistance 752-1011

Student Alumni Association 752-0286

Internship & Career Center 752-2855

Financial Aid Office 752-2390

Student Accounting 752-3646

Athletics Ticket Office 752-2471

Mondavi Ticket Office 754-2787


Office of Parent and Family Programs

Buehler Alumni Center

One Shields Avenue

Davis, California 95616

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