Aggie Parent Guide to Year Three

Keeping Your Third-Year Student on Track

Steps to graduate on time

UC Davis has provided your student with various online tools to ensure that they are on track to graduate. Encourage your student to visit academic or faculty advisors early in the year to ensure they are meeting all of the graduation prerequisites. If they need additional credits to graduate, consider advising them to take summer school classes at UC Davis or in their home community to ensure they graduate as planned.

Career and professional development

Your student's third year is the perfect time to take advantage of the many valuable services that will help your student identify, develop and implement their career goals.  Encourage your student to attend career development events and workshops. Take advantage of career fairs on campus. Check out the resources and opportunities available at the Internship and Career Center.


It is highly recommended that your student completes at least one internship. Internships  give  students  the  chance  to  "test  drive" employment  in a  particular field  or  position. It helps them adjust to a new environment and learn valuable professional skills that can't be taught in a classroom. Encourage your student to apply for internships early in their second or third year.

Network, network, network

If your student will be returning home for the summer, consider assisting them in identifying internship opportunities in their home community by connecting them to informational interview contacts. Introduce your student to your community network of Rotarians, various service organizations, or other community contacts such as members of the Chamber of Commerce. Encourage your student to attend community meetings to practice important networking skills and develop their “elevator pitch.” Does your company offer internships or have employment opportunities? Speak to your Human Resources team about how to recruit UC Davis students and alumni to join your organization's team.

Research graduate school

If your student plans to continue their education, exploring programs and reviewing admission requirements should be on their to-do list during their third year. Students can use the summer to start visiting graduate schools, meeting with admissions offices and learning more about programs. In addition, encourage your student to visit the Student Academic Success Center, where they'll find pre-graduate and professional advising workshops. For more information and to view a schedule of their workshops, click here.

Keep connections

The personal connections students make during their time at UC Davis will be extremely valuable as they prepare to enter the working world. Encourage your student to build relationships with faculty and staff, and to seek academic and professional opportunities outside the classroom. These include assisting professors with research, attending academic conferences or seeking other opportunities to learn with our esteemed faculty.

Take on a leadership role

Your student has many opportunities to take on leadership roles within the UC Davis community. Leadership opportunities can be found through our clubs and organizations, on sports teams, in Greek organizations and even in the classrooms. Leadership positions are not only great resume builders, but they will also help students hone skills that are relevant for the workplace.

Professional development

Support your student through this time of exploration and development. Encourage them to broaden their perspectives on post-graduation plans, make professional connections and continue to build their networks.

Getting Involved As A Parent


Ambassador or parent council member

As your student continues to be involved, we invite you to do the same! Volunteer as a Parent Ambassador at events on campus and in your home area. The Office of Parent and Family Programs provides a range of volunteer activities that will help connect you with fellow Aggie Parents, faculty and alumni throughout the school year. Consider applying to become a member of the UC Davis Parent and Family Council. The Council provides a network of parent and family volunteers whom are committed to improving the quality of the university experience for all UC Davis families. Council members help guide the department of Parent and Family Program’s efforts with regard to communication, engagement and enrichment programs for UC Davis Families. Council members participate in two in-person meetings per year and may work remotely to promote additional committee efforts. Council members are encouraged to make an annual gift to UC Davis. Applications are accepted in December and January of each year.

Homecoming and Parent and Family Day 

Spend time on campus with your student and enjoy an eventful and memorable fall weekend. Be a student for a day by participating in a morning of specially selected faculty presentations followed by a traditional college football game.

Other opportunities

Visit or contact the Office of Parent and Family Programs to learn more about how you can get involved.



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