Aggie Parent Guide to Year Two

Keeping your second year student on track

Declare a major/minor

Students should declare a major by the end of their second year (if at all possible). This is also a good time to explore options such as double majoring or declaring a minor. Your student should examine the courses already taken, elective courses of interest and most importantly meet with their advisor to discuss their options. We recommend at least two in-person student/advisor meetings per school year.

Consider study abroad options

There are numerous opportunities to study abroad for a condensed summer program, a quarter or a full year. If your student is interested in a program, they should attend information sessions and consider meeting with Study Abroad staff members early in their second year.

Secure an internship or part-time job

Students who have declared a major or have a specific interest should consider securing an internship or part-time job that relates to their intended career field (if possible). An internship or part­-time job gives students the chance to "test drive" employment in a particular field or position and will also help them gain valuable professional skills and experience that can't be learned in a classroom. Developing essential professional skills and basic working knowledge will go a long way toward helping your student secure a full-time job later on. Longevity and growth in a position demonstrates commitment and responsibility to future employers and helps ensure a strong pool of references for the future. Encourage your student to start looking into internship opportunities early at the Internship and Career Center. There are many online resources and workshops to assist students in every step of the process, including preparing a resume, cover letter, prepping for an interview and effective networking. While the Internship and Career Center staff is there to assist and guide your student, the actual work of identifying, applying and successfully completing an internship will depend upon your student’s commitment to the process. Other suggestions for your student during this time would be to:

  • Create a LinkedIn Account with a professional photograph.
  • If your student has not already done so, they should consider joining the Student Alumni Association. SAA offers the opportunity to network with alumni, and attend career development events. Their membership will ultimately translate into a lifetime membership with the Cal Aggie Alumni Association.
  • Help your student learn networking skills by encouraging them to do informational interviews with friends, colleagues and family members when they are home during breaks. Not only does this help them gain confidence, it expands their network and outreach which will ultimately assist them in their job search.

Stay involved

As a first-year, your student may have joined a club or organization. Now, they may want to consider adding another activity or experience or taking on a leadership role. These experiences are valuable in developing good time management skills and make excellent resume builders. Leadership experiences, group collaboration and team building will also help your student develop skills that are relevant for the workplace.

Stay connected to your student

Research shows that students with engaged parents were more satisfied with every aspect of their college experience and were more likely to talk with faculty and peers about substantive topics. Your student will benefit from your support and regular check-ins.



Ambassador or parent council member

As your student continues to be involved, we invite you to do the same! Volunteer as a Parent Ambassador at events on campus and in your home area. The Office of Parent and Family Programs provides a range of volunteer activities that will help connect you with fellow Aggie Parents, faculty and alumni throughout the school year. Consider applying to become a member of the UC Davis Parent and Family Council. The Council provides a network of parent and family volunteers whom are committed to improving the quality of the university experience for all UC Davis families. Council members help guide the department of Parent and Family Program’s efforts with regard to communication, engagement and enrichment programs for UC Davis Families. Council members participate in two in-person meetings per year and may work remotely to promote additional committee efforts. Council members are encouraged to make an annual gift to UC Davis. Applications are accepted in December and January of each year.

Homecoming and Parent and Family Day 

Spend time on campus with your student and enjoy an eventful and memorable fall weekend. Be a student for a day by participating in a morning of specially selected faculty presentations followed by a traditional college football game.

Other opportunities

Visit or contact the Office of Parent and Family Programs to learn more about how you can get involved.


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