Academic Support

  • How do I know if my student is on track to graduate? How can I get in contact with an adviser?
  • Advising Services

    The Student Academic Success Center provides pre-graduate and pre-professional educational planning and advising resources in support of students’ academic objectives. The department offers individual advising appointments, workshops, a resource room and other tools to assist students.

    Advising in Residence Halls — There are three Academic Advising Centers located in Segundo, Tercero and Cuarto residential complexes. Each center offers tutoring and peer advising from the four undergraduate colleges and the First Resort in Advising Services. Each quarter there are various academic programs geared toward first-year students.

    College Advising

    Advising for general education, majors and degree certification is available through the undergraduate colleges.
    College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
    College of Letters and Science
    College of Biological Sciences
    College of Engineering

    Other Tools

    General Catalog 
    — The General Catalog outlines degree requirements, programs and courses of study and also contains course descriptions and general information on student life. The catalog is available online and can be purchased in person at the UC Davis Bookstore.

    Class Schedule and Registration Guide — The Class Schedule and Registration Guide explains how, where, and when to enroll in courses and pay fees, lists classes offered for the quarter and includes an academic calendar and information about final exams. There is also information about academic advising, student services, student records and rights and policies. The publication is available online.


  • My student is having a hard time adjusting to college. Where can they get help?
  • Educational Opportunity Program

    106 South Hall (530) 752-9366

    The Educational Opportunity Program assists students with their academic, social and personal adjustments to the university environment. It provides additional support services for historically disadvantaged students and serves students of all ethnic groups. Students may apply for the program when applying for admission or during their studies at UC Davis. Eligibility for the program is based on family income, parent education and other socio-economic factors. After students enroll at UC Davis, the program can help with academic planning, the development of study skills, career and personal counseling and course tutoring. The office’s diverse peer staff is particularly sensitive to differing social, cultural and ethnic concerns.

    Student Academic Success Center

    2205 Dutton Hall (530) 752-2013

    The Student Academic Success Center provides students with assistance in general study skills, math/science study skills, writing essays and term papers, reading efficiency and speed, English as a second language, time management, test-taking, test-anxiety reduction and more. Learning specialists help students individually and in workshops. The resource center includes self-help tapes and films, instructional materials and reference books.

    Student Recruitment and Retention Center

    16 South Hall (530) 754-6836

    The Student Recruitment and Retention Center is a student-run program serving traditionally underrepresented students. Its programs provide outreach to high schools and community colleges as well as tutoring, study halls and other services to current students. Member groups include:

    Southeast Asians Furthering Education

    Natives Empowered Through Unity and Education

    ACE: Africans and African Americans Cultivating Education

    Bridge: Filipino Outreach and Retention Program

    Yik’al Kuyum: The Chicano/Latino Holistic Student Support Program

    Graduate Academic Achievement and Advocacy Program

  • Where are the computer labs on campus?
  • Computer Centers

    These three centers are an academic resource for students living in residence halls. They provide residents with complimentary access to computers, printers, scanners and the Internet as well as space for studying and holding review sessions. Student staff are available to provide computer-related help and tutoring and to help residents set up their personal computers for ResNet access.

  • Where can my student learn how to use the library catalogs and databases?
  • Library Instructive Services

    University Library (530) 754-8035

    The Library Instruction Services of the University Library offers classes to help students learn how to use the library catalogs and databases, and librarians offer reference assistance and individual consultations on research projects.

  • My student has a disability or temporary injury. What services does UC Davis offer to accommodate him or her?
  • Student Disability Center

    160 South Silo (530) 752-3184 voice (530) 752-6833 TTY

    The Student Disability Center provides services to students with disabilities who are eligible for reasonable accommodations under state and federal law. A team of professionals assists students with learning, vision, hearing, medical, psychological and mobility disabilities. Students with injuries or medical conditions that may temporarily limit their ability to participate at the university also may be able to receive assistance including note-taking, test-scribe and shuttle services.

  • Where can my student go to report a violation of campus policy (non police or emergency related)?
  • Student Judicial Affairs

    3200 Dutton Hall (530) 752-1128

    Student Judicial Affairs supports the standards of the campus by responding to alleged violations of university policies or campus regulations. The office coordinates the informal resolution process and provides information and assistance about how to file formal complaints of alleged unfair policies or practices, arbitrary treatment, and discrimination or harassment. The office can help with conflict resolution and provide interpretations of university policies and regulations.

  • Where can my student find internship and career opportunities?
  • Career and Graduate Study Resource Center — This resource library has job vacancy listings; periodicals describing employment opportunities; company information; and a collection of books on career selection, job hunting, resume writing and interview skills. Resources for graduate study include graduate school catalogs, program-search resources and specific information from individual pre-professional programs. For more information, call (530) 752-3000.

    Internship and Career Center

    South Hall (530) 752-2855

    The Internship and Career Center assists students in career planning and integrating academic, career and personal interests; and sponsors workshops and on-campus recruiting and career fairs. The internship program provides students with opportunities to supplement classroom learning with internships in a wide variety of business and non-profit settings in the United States and abroad.

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