Bob and Suzanne Scott

Scott Family
Suzanne, Bob, and Grace pose as one happy Aggie family

Picnic Day at UC Davis has always been a big deal for Grace Scott ’16. Her involvement began in her freshman year, when she worked as assistant parade coordinator. Last year she was parade coordinator, and this year she chairs the Picnic Day Board of Directors. Parents Bob and Suzanne have joined Grace at every Picnic Day since she started at UC Davis.

“It’s great to see all the different student groups participating in Picnic Day,” said Bob. “It’s pulling student participation, community participation and alumni participation. To get all those different groups to come together to participate and be so enthusiastic about it is pleasantly unusual.”

Bob and Suzanne knew that UC Davis was the right place for Grace when they visited. The community felt wholesome, the people welcoming and down to earth. Every time the Scotts visit UC Davis, they have a repeat experience, and every time they talk to Grace, they find out something new and positive that she’s experienced, from the beauty of a day in the Arboretum to internship opportunities from social mixers.

“You don’t get the same feeling of connectedness or friendliness at other places,” said Suzanne. “The feel of the campus, the diversity, the different types of opportunities are unique. Grace loves to get into the spirit of whatever community she gets involved in. She only got that kind of uplifting vibe at UC Davis.”