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Establishing a Professional Network

Networking is the process of cultivating relationships to obtain or provide information, resources and/or support.  Building and maintaining a professional network is essential to success in today’s job market. Establishing relationships through network connections can serve you well in determining your next job, career path and future.

Here at the UC Davis Cal Aggie Alumni Association, we are here to help connect you to the extensive Aggie network across the globe. Whether you’re searching for your first job or an established professional, networking can assist with your career aspirations.

Where do I start?

Almost anyone can be a networking contact. Start by thinking about all of the people you may already know: family, friends, friends of friends, neighbors, former roommates, fellow alumni, professional associations, fellow job seekers, mentors, club associates, doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, insurance agents, real estate agents, bankers and all past associates.

Networking is a lifelong investment in becoming a successful professional. Whatever direction your career takes, building and nurturing relationships will be essential. Invest time and energy in the people component of your career.

Tips for Networking:

  • Be fully present in your conversation and listen more than you talk.
  • Think long term; not just what you think you want in the short term.
  • Give more than you get, but do not over commit yourself. If you do commit to something, take action immediately.
  • Be honest
  • Only go to networking events that excite you
  • Connect with a regional or special interest alumni network (hyperlink)

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