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Bicycle Need-to-Knows

Bicycles are a core part of the UC Davis experience, and the Bicycle Program wants to help you with a few items we think you need to know in preparation for your Fall arrival!

CHOOSE A QUALITY BIKE | Invest smartly on a dependable bicycle, one that can get you comfortably around campus. Consider what may be gathering dust in your basement and see about repairing it for use on campus. If you need a bike, consider looking into the ASUCD Bike Barn Aggie Bike Buy program, information below. For any repairs, or if you need general bike help, the UC Davis Bike Barn is a great resource to the Davis community. The Bike Barn is located near the Silo on campus. In terms of safety measures, your student should own a well-fitting helmet and bike lights, as bicycles without lights at night are prone to accidents.

  • One tip: Arrive with a floor pump and knowledge about how to use it, keeping tires inflated is a critical part of keeping bikes in operable condition

PRE-REGISTER YOUR BIKE | UC Davis requires all bicycles on campus to be registered using Bike Index, available at If you're bringing a bike, get it pre-registered at home, then look for detail forthcoming with move-in information about how to complete your registration.

LOCK UP YOUR BIKE (PROPERLY) | Use a quality U-lock to secure both a wheel and a part of the frame to an anchored bike rack is a good start. It’s better to use an extra cable that can be threaded through both the bicycle’s wheels; but know how to use the cable correctly (as a lock accessory). You can view this page here from Transportation Services on Bicycle Parking and Safety.

GETTING AROUND OUR CAMPUS | UC Davis has many roundabouts (also called traffic circles) on campus, tens of thousands of bike racks, and a variety of trails and roads with consideration for bicycles. The campus is built to move everyone efficiently, be it a bicyclist, pedestrian, bus, or the occasional official campus vehicle.

Please remember, it takes everyone a little bit of time to learn a new space, be patient when you arrive and click through the links below for a deeper dive on how to ensure success on a bicycle when you arrive.

Further on the above tips 

Online bike skills with CyclingSavvy


For an even more in-depth understanding of biking at UC Davis please check out a few of TAPS videos here: 5 Things Every Aggie Cyclist Should Know | UC Davis TAPS BEEP Video

Contact the Bike Program with any questions by phone at 530-752-2453 or email

For students who don't want to ride a bicycle, or prefer another mode of transportation, the Unitrans bus system is free for all UCD students (with proof of student ID) and goes all throughout Davis. Click here to view their site and schedule. For more information on traffic and parking codes, along with what other mobility devices are permitted on campus, visit here.

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