CAAA Connections

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The Cal Aggie Alumni Association connects Aggies, helping them build strong careers, Here’s what our network leaders find most in the Alumni Association in California

Carly Sandstrom ’14

Network leader, Washington D.C.
Senior operations associate, Politico

Carly Sandstrom“There are so many reasons to become involved as alumni. First, it brings those fond memories of UC Davis back and allows you to interact with people who are as passionate about the mission or their experience at UC Davis as you are. Second, it is a great networking experience and, if you are across the country, it is a great way to meet new friends in a new area. Third, staying engaged as alumni boosts UC Davis’ rankings and demonstrates to the world that Aggies are very happy with our degrees!”

Algie Mosley ’96

Historian, African and African American Alumni Association (5A)
Public programs & alumni services coordinator, Pacific Charter Institut

Algie Mosley“It’s important to be actively involved as alumni because it helps us live balanced lives. We get the opportunity to give and receive in so many ways and work with incredible people. The Cal Aggie Alumni Association keeps us all connected, and the benefits of the relationship definitely go both ways!”


Garrett Nasworthy ’08

Network leader, Mexico
Business team representative, PerkinElmer

Garrett Nasworthy“I enjoy being involved with the Mexico network of CAAA because it lets me share cultural, professional and academic knowledge with former Aggies who all benefited greatly from their time at UC Davis. The connection with the chapter also allows me to lead dynamic and exciting activities with a variety of new and different people, which has always been a goal of mine.”


Soren Christian ’13

Network leader, London/UK
Economic Analyst, NERA Economic Consulting

Soren Christian“I got involved with the CAAA London group to maintain a connection with my world back in California and to give back to the university I cherish so much.”



Elana Hamovitch ’99

Network president, San Diego network
San Diego School psychologist

Elana Hamovitch“The greatest value of joining CAAA continues to be the connections I have made with other alumni in San Diego as well as all over the country and abroad. As a network leader, I have also loved having opportunities to return to UC Davis and reconnect with a place I truly love.”


Bridget Bugbee ’13

Network leader, Sacramento and Yolo regional network
Area sales executive, Siemens

Bridget Bugbee“The greatest value of CAAA is that it allows members to stay connected. For a lot of alumni, when they graduate, they find themselves in like-minded circles, where their friends are often in the same place in their career and struggling with the same things. By becoming involved with other alumni, members have a breadth of  individuals at various stages in their careers and personal lives who they can pull from—that dynamically expands your circle and perspective.”

Bessie Chu ’08

Network leader, New York
Data visualization manager at GroupM

Bessie Chu“I have reached a stage in my career where I need to think about what I can do to give back. My education at UC Davis helped me reach the point where I am now, and now there’s impetus on me to contribute back to the university, especially given that UC Davis is a public university."



Tiana Koziol ’03

Network leader, Cal Aggie LGBTA Alumni Association
Assistante Développement et Promotion, Lycée Français de San Francisco

Tiana Koziol“Aggies are everywhere, and we make many deep and diverse impacts on the regional and global stage. I love hearing about the great work that UC Davis alumni and students achieve. For me, staying connected to UC Davis means that I am in the know about present and future trends in agriculture, technology, business, medicine, social sciences, and psychology fields, just to name a few, before the general public.”