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New Chancellor’s Fellow Barbara Linke (center), a professor of engineering who engages students in research to make manufacturing more sustainable.

Chancellor’s Fellows advance our research and teaching excellence

During your next family dinner or Zoom call, try asking your student if they’ve heard of—or even learned from—a professor in our latest crop of Chancellor’s Fellows. 

This year’s dozen scholars represent fields ranging from mathematics and psychology to physics and astronomy, materials science and engineering, education, nutrition and more. They each receive an award of $25,000 to pursue research that is usually groundbreaking in nature, giving students an opportunity to participate hands-on in the acquisition of new knowledge.

And the $25,000 award may offer an amazing return on investment, serving as seed money for projects that can later reap millions in external support.

That is why, when we consider the work of our new Chancellor’s Fellows, we can dream about the exciting paths their research might take—and how our students will benefit from those journeys.

To look at just a few of them here:

Gerardo Mackenzie (Nutrition) examines the role of diet and lifestyle in cancer development and prevention, including how diets such as the keto diet might be combined with chemotherapy as a novel treatment for pancreatic cancer.

Barbara Linke (Mechanical Engineering) is known for her work in green and energy-efficient manufacturing, researching the sustainability of operations and machine tools from process to factory level and developing tools to assess and teach sustainable product manufacturing and design. 

Gerardo Con Diaz (Science and Technology Studies) studies how law and policy shape the digital world. His research examines the history of computing and the role of intellectual property law in forming digital technologies.

You can learn more about the entire roster of new Chancellor’s Fellows in this recent story in Dateline, our main campus newsletter.

Because Chancellor’s Fellows have such a far-reaching impact across the university, I will feature stories about them throughout the year.

And in the meantime, please know that your support for the Parents Fund is crucial to keeping UC Davis research and teaching on the cutting edge.

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