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Five Benefits of an Internship

There are a lot of exciting opportunities and urgent tasks that make up the college experience. Homework, midterms, final exams — those are obvious! But did you know that your student can greatly enrich their experience by dedicating time to an internship? Here are five benefits of an internship:

  1. Learn more about what is available at Davis – and beyond

    UC Davis is a big school with many valuable resources, and great things come to those who search for them. We strongly encourage students to look through internship options advertised by their academic department or on Handshake. Connections made during an internship help students to see beyond the day-to-day academic experience.

  2. Participate in research

    Davis is a world leader in academic research; it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from faculty as undergraduate research assistants. This experience can help to prepare for graduate school, and many professional fields value these skills as well. Thanks to the California Student Aid Commission, there is funding for qualified students to be paid for undergraduate research through a program called the Learning Aligned Employment Program (LAEP).

  3. Find your own way

    Academic preparation is key for long term success, but the world of work is very different from the world of school! Participating in an internship is the best way to take a profession for a “test drive.” Many students clarify their academic goals by gaining hands-on experience, and find that they may need to change their major to one that better prepares them for the job that they REALLY want.

  4. Build skills

    In this highly technical world, key skills are more important than ever. Internships allow students to gain experience with equipment, software, research methods, you name it! For example, jobs in Urban Planning require Geographic Information Systems software-experience. Why not build those skills in an internship!?

  5. Makes connections for the job search

    Have you ever heard, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”? Truthfully, both are important. Students are already greatly boosting WHAT they know by attending UC Davis, but how about that second part? Internships allow students to connect with and make a good impression on key people in their field. People in their network might just have a full-time job opportunity waiting, or know someone else who does! 

Here at the Internship and Career Center we are happy to help students in their search for internship opportunities. Let’s work together to invest in the future!

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