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Getting a Jump Start on Student Employment

If your student needs a part-time job, this article is for you! Whether they’re just starting or have been at UC Davis for a while, we can help. Below are common questions you may have about getting a part-time job. If you still need answers, email Student Employment.  

Will a part-time job affect academic performance? Studies show that working up to 10 hours per week has a positive effect on academic performance and college satisfaction. Your student’s grades may actually improve, and they’ll enjoy college even more. Working 11-15 hours has either no effect or a very minimal effect on academic performance and college satisfaction. Working more than 15 hours has a negative effect that increases as hours increase. So, keeping proper balance between work, school, and life is the key to success. 

How flexible are the hours? On-campus jobs are incredibly flexible. Supervisors know students have special needs, and they are willing and mandated to work with student schedules; so a part-time job will never interfere with school. Shifts are as short as two hours and can be worked in evenings and on weekends. Off-campus jobs are also flexible, but your student should choose the right employer, as some are more flexible than others. 

How does my student find a job? The Internship & Career Center (ICC) makes finding jobs easy through Handshake, our online database. It offers both on- and off-campus jobs. Your student should already have access, so after logging in, they can search for on-campus jobs by entering “STDT” into the search field. STDT is the on-campus classification series that has three types of jobs students can apply to: 

  • STDT 2: positions that require commonly available skills and abilities or don’t require extensive training. The pay for these positions is $15.50/hr. 

  • STDT 3: positions that require specialized knowledge and independent judgment in performing duties. Some of these positions require upper division coursework, and pay $15.75/hr. 

  • STDT 4: positions that require extensive, advanced-level training and coursework or highly specialized skills (computer programming, lab skills, supervisory/management skills). These positions start at $16.00/hr and often pay more depending on experience or required skills.  

Some jobs offer shift differentials, which is increased pay for high-need shifts, and others have perks! Those in the dining commons and Coffee House (CoHo) offer free food. That can save a lot of money and provide better quality food! 

Off-campus part-time jobs can also be found in Handshake, making it a one-stop resource for opportunities including jobs, internships and career positions.  A second source of on-campus jobs is the Associated Students of UC Davis (ASUCD) database. Your student can get paid for leadership activities, learn and plan events, write for the California Aggie, drive a bus, work in the CoHo, and more.  

Will these jobs look good on a resume? Yes, and the ICC will assist them in listing and discussing their experiences properly. We’ll also coach them on interviewing tips. 

What about Federal Work-Study (FWS)? How does my student use it? Work-Study is a type of financial aid covered by the federal government. They pay 75% of a student’s wages at UC Davis. That means that if your student has FWS, they are more likely to be hired by employers looking to save money. Students can download their FWS certificate from MyAwards, then present it to employers and have them fill out the necessary forms. This works for on-campus jobs that are marked for FWS as well as those that aren’t, so if your student sees a position that isn’t labeled FWS, they can talk to that employer about it. More info on FWS can be found in the Financial Aid and Scholarships FAQ

There you have it – student employment made easy! If you have more questions, email Student Employment.  

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