Housing for returning students

In the winter quarter, your student will need to start exploring housing options for the next academic year. When exploring, there are some things to consider. Do they want to live on-campus or off-campus?

Students wanting to return to on-campus housing can find information about the Returning Student Program. On-campus housing allows for a meal plan and less cost for transportation.

Off-campus housing is an option and your student will have several decisions to make. Do they want to have a single roommate or several? Do they want to share a room? We often see students move off-campus with friends they made while living on-campus. This option allows the student to prepare their meals and may involve additional transportation costs.

All housing options have different costs associated with them. Financial Aid and Scholarships provides the budgets for each housing option on our Cost of Attendance page. Keep in mind that these amounts are for 2023-24, and there will be some increased costs for the new academic year.

For Financial Aid purposes, please note that the costs associated with off-campus housing differ in the areas of Housing and Food, Personal Expenses, and Transportation. Housing and Food will be less for off-campus students, and Personal Expenses and Transportation will be more. Because the overall costs for off-campus students will be less, the financial aid offer will also be less. Students living off campus will not be billed by the University for housing and food, so monthly rent will most likely begin on September 1 and financial aid will not disburse until later in September. If short-term financial help is needed, your student can explore a Deferred Payment Plan with Student Accounting or a short-term emergency loan from Financial Aid and Scholarships. When Student Accounting issues refunds in late September, the student should use those funds to pay their monthly rent.

Students will need to understand what it means to sign a lease, how to negotiate expenses with roommates, and how to budget their money as they receive quarterly refunds.

We are here to help your student. Our Aggie Blue to Gold financial wellness program provides peer-to-peer help with budgeting and money management. All Aggies are welcome to schedule an appointment with a Peer Advisor.

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