A Joint Venture

Gloria, Louie and Raquel Vega
Gloria and Louie Vega have stayed involved in their daughter Raquel’s education by becoming members of the Aggie Parent and Family Association. Raquel is finishing up her first year at UC Davis as a third-year transfer student in communication.

By Benjamin Ginsburg

Family falls in 'love at first sight' with UC Davis.

Gloria and Louie Vega of Bakersfield, California, have both witnessed firsthand how education can improve a child’s life. Louie is a juvenile court judge, and Gloria, holding a bachelor’s in education, has volunteered regularly at their daughter Raquel’s schools since preschool. Raquel Vega ’18 is now a third-year transfer student at UC Davis, and her parents have stayed involved in her education by becoming members of the Aggie Parent and Family Association.

“We think education is a joint venture,” said Gloria. “Beginning with pre-school, parents’ participation lets children know that we believe firmly in the value of education. So now, even at the collegiate level, our continuing interest lets Raquel know it’s as important as ever.”

In part to prepare for transfer, Raquel spent this past summer interning in Washington, D.C. She spent seven weeks immersed in the history of the nation’s capital, which she found was good preparation for the academic rigor at UC Davis, as well as a great opportunity to learn how to live on her own.

“At UC Davis, you have this intense environment of learning, but there are also places to sit back and ease your mind,” said Raquel.

Shortly after arriving at UC Davis, Raquel rushed Kappa Kappa Gamma, where she has found study partners, community service opportunities and more.

“Rushing Kappa Kappa Gamma has been a great way to meet a diverse group of new friends that are focused on education and self-improvement,” Raquel said.

Like their daughter, Gloria and Louie have fallen in love with the well-known friendly atmosphere at UC Davis and in the City of Davis.

“We are native Californians, but we’d never been to Davis before our first visit. It was love at first sight,” said Gloria. “The ambience of the civic community blended into the campus so seamlessly. It’s an authentic college town.”

Luis agreed, “Making your child feel comfortable when they are away at school is a balancing act between giving them independence and giving them attention. We’re happy that Raquel is thriving on her own, getting active with her sorority sisters in Kappa, and we’re also happy to be there for her when she asks for us.”