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By Mary Jane Dellafiora, Aggie Parent and Family Council Member

As freshman students settle in to their new digs in UC Davis Residence Halls, they should be aware that their new-found domiciles are not permanent. The search for the next academic year’s housing is just around the corner. This is a house-“warning” for parents to have their students be aware of the housing deadlines.  
Parents have dealt with homesickness, academic crises, roommate problems and hometown boyfriend/girlfriend break ups. But there’s more to consider on the horizon. The timing of next year’s housing search often catches students and their parents by surprise.  
Some UC Davis students begin choosing living groups as early as November. Often students have secured their lodging for the next academic year by January or February of the current school year.  
    As of this writing, the housing department has yet to publish the applicable dates for workshops, housing fairs and application deadlines. Traditionally, it holds a Housing Day at the ARC, with workshops and informational sessions in several residence halls at Tercero, Segundo or Cuarto complexes immediately after Thanksgiving break. Similar workshops are held in January after the holiday break.  Historically, the invitation for UC Davis Student Housing goes out to those living in their residence halls early in winter quarter (January), with the deadline to respond a short time after that notification (February).
Students and parents should visit the UC Davis Student Housing and Dining Services website to find the deadlines and begin their search.  The home page includes links for information regarding “Returning Students” that describes the types of housing, application links, PowerPoint documents from workshop presentations and worksheets for budgeting and determining the right housing choice for each student.
This time can result in stress on students — social pressure, pressure from financial concerns, pressure for some students having academic trouble and pressure on students contemplating transfers or time off from their studies. Deciding on apartment mates and roommates, whether to live in University-sponsored housing, whether to live in an apartment or house, how much to spend, how far away from campus to live — all of these factors, and more, are considered in each student’s decision. Parents and students also should be aware that various landlords, including those at West Village, may require parents or a financially responsible party to submit a lease guarantor form.  
The following also may impact your student’s potential living arrangements and prompt necessary inquiries as to prospective lease provisions as to its term length, the commencement and end of that term and the possibility of subleasing: 
Your student has pledged a fraternity or sorority — or is planning to live with someone who has.  The organizations may have various rules that require their members to live in their house or housing at some point of their undergraduate years.  
Your student is applying for a residential life position or is planning to live with someone who is doing so.  
Your student is applying for or is planning to live with someone who is applying for, study abroad and exchange student programs as well as internship programs that would require living away from Davis for a portion of the next academic year.  
Your student or his potential roommate may wish to take time away from studies at the UC Davis campus for another reason.  
    Being aware of housing deadlines and considering as many factors as they can when deciding on housing will make this next step towards independence easier for students and their families.

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