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What’s the Summer Plan?

The New Student Academic Services unit housed within Student Housing and Dining Services is comprised of Orientation and Residential Academics.  Our team is dedicated to supporting your students transition into and through UC Davis.  

It’s April and the weather is feeling more and more like summer in Davis.   Before you know it your student will be transitioning out of this academic year and into the summer.  This month we are focusing on what’s in store for the summer!   

Students have many options when it comes to how to spend their time over the summer, and with some pre-planning, students can create a summer plan that meets their personal goals, and augments their academic goals. 

As you and your student start to envision your summer plans, consider thinking about: 

 What is your student’s goal for this summer? What is your goal? 

If you haven’t thought about this or asked your student this question, now is the time.  Having this conversation allows for you and your student to discuss where your goals overlap, and where they differ.   

Talking about it now can prevent conflicts when summer arises and you realize you and your student are not on the same page.  Before you have this conversation, it might be helpful to prioritize the things you want for your student over the summer so that you have clarity on what is most important to you.  Ask your student to prioritize their plans too. 

There are many summer opportunities available to students and it’s easier to apply them to their academics than it may seem.  Some of these opportunities may require pre planning and may not be an option for this summer, but they are definitely something to keep in mind for future summers.   

1.         Jobs and internships 

If one of your student’s goals this summer is to make money, it might be helpful to find a job in something related to a field they are interested in.  For example, if your student is interested in human development, a summer camp counselor might be a good fit.           Perhaps they are interested in going into law and a receptionist at a law firm could be a great way to get exposed to what working for a law firm might be like.  Encourage your student to get creative, think outside the box and research opportunities to get exposed to fields of interest.  The Internship and Career Center (ICC) is a great resource to find opportunities. 

Summer internships are another great way for students to augment their education over the summer.  The benefit of doing an internship over the summer is they are getting an immersive experience that they can focus on without trying to balance classes alongside it.  Internships are available in all fields and vary on details, and some are paid while others are not. 

A good place to start looking for jobs and internships is on Handshake.  Your student can log into Handshake here. 

2.         Summer Session/ summer classes 

Summer session might be another great option for your student.  Students choose to take summer classes for a variety of reasons which include, focusing on one or two specific courses at a time in order to lessen their course load over the academic year, improving their GPA, fulfilling academic credits or requirements, to stay on track, or even to graduate early.  This summer UC Davis will be offering over 700 courses during 2 6-week sessions. Pass times will be sent to students from the Registrar’s Office in mid April.  More information can be found here, and financial aid and housing may be available. 

Is your student moving back home or planning to be away from Davis this summer?  No problem.  Students also take summer classes at local community colleges, other UCs and sometimes other 4- year institutions.  If your student is interested in taking summer classes, they should schedule a meeting with their academic advisor to discuss their plan before enrolling in summer classes, especially at other institutions.  

3.         Study abroad 

Enrollment for summer abroad is closed for this summer, but this is a great opportunity for your student in the future.  Study Abroad also offers quarter abroad programs, and students who participate have amazing experiences.  Encourage your student to explore the Study Abroad options to see if there is one that might be of interest, and to meet with an advisor to talk about how to incorporate study abroad into their academic career at UC Davis, and when the best time will be for them to go.  Financial aid may be available.  Explore the Study Abroad options here. 

In addition to your student’s plans this summer, don’t forget to include time for rest, relaxation, and fun for you and your student.  The academic year at UC Davis is a challenging one and your student may benefit from taking a break before they start their summer adventures.  Even just a couple of non-planned days can work wonders for the body, mind, and soul.  

Don’t forget, summers are meant to be enjoyed, and I hope that you and your student are able to find time to incorporate those things that bring you joy.  You and your student deserve it! 

If your student needs assistance and lives in the residence halls or The Green, they should connect with their Residential Academic Peer Mentor.   Many of our Academic Peer Mentors have grappled with changing their major and are going through the same experience as your student.  Peer Mentors are trained on the academic resources at UC Davis and to connect students with the best resource to help with their needs.  We are here to help your student succeed!

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