Leadership Scholarship FAQ

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you still have a question that is not answered below, please email us at scholarships@alumni.ucdavis.edu

Q: Does someone in my family have to be an alumni of UC Davis to apply for this scholarship? 

A: No. Any incoming freshman or transfer student from CA, OR or WA may apply.  

Q: When is the deadline to apply?     

A: The deadline to apply is May 11 by 11:59 p.m. Please note that due to volume of website activity, the page can take time to load the weeks and days leading up to the deadline. Please apply as early as possible. No applications will be accepted after the deadline. No exceptions. 

Q: The page is blank when I click on the link. What do I do?     

A. During peak times, please allow time for the page to load as the page is matching up information (you will log in to myadmissions). Please make sure to allow scripts/blocks on the scholarship page. Chrome is a recommended browser.

Q: I submitted my application but didn't receive a confirmation. How do I confirm if it was received? 

A. If you did not receive an email confirmation, please proceed with applying once more. As soon as you attempt to, the system will let you know if your application was already received.  

Q: Is this scholarship renewable?  

A: No. This scholarship is for one year only and is not renewable. 

Q: Can I apply if I am transferring from another UC or CSU?  

A: No. You must be an incoming freshman from high school or a transfer student from a CA, OR or WA community college. 

Q: Can I use the same essay I used in my main UC Davis application?  

A: Yes. However, please note that all readers will be able to view all essays when reviewing your application. It is recommended to use a different essay for this scholarship.

Q: Do I single or double space my essay? 

A: The essay is submitted as plain text on our online system that is then attached to your general UC Davis application. There is no need to double space. We do highly encourage you to type out your essay in another program and cut and paste your essay into the text box provided. To be approximately a page you can anticipate about 500-800 words (the cap is 4000 characters).  

Q. How will my scholarship monies be applied? 

A. By late September all monies from your award will be applied to your "my awards" on your myucdavis account. You simply need to accept the awards and they will be applied to your overall tuition and registration fees. This amount cannot be deducted from your account for books or other items. Your overall amount will be divided between your first three quarters. For example if you received $1,000, you'd receive $333 for two quarters and $334 in your third quarter.  

Q: I don't remember my UC Davis student ID. Can I still submit my application?   

A: Yes. Please just enter 9999999 and after the submission deadline we will match up those applications with your official UC Davis application. 

Q: I want to edit the essay I already submitted. Can I resend my revised essay to be attached to my application?

A: Unfortunately, no. Once you enter your essay it is automatically attached to your general UC Davis application and we cannot revise it. 

Q: Where can I find other financial aid information?  

A: Please visit our Financial Aid website at http://financialaid.ucdavis.edu/scholarships/campus/index.html  for a list of additional scholarship and financial aid opportunities.  

Q: I applied for the UC Berkeley Alumni Scholarship, is the UC Davis one the same? Do I need to apply for both?  

A: Each UC alumni association has their own scholarships and various criteria. If you applied for one at any of the other UC's you will need to submit a separate application to apply to the UC Davis Cal Aggie Alumni Association Scholarship. 

Q: When will students be notified if they will be interviewed for a scholarship?  

A: Students who have been selected to interview for the scholarship will be contacted by alumni in their region. Regional committees begin reviewing applications after the deadline for submissions has closed. Due to the volume of applications, each region may have a different timeline for interviews. Please make sure you are checking the email you provided on your scholarship application. If you are not notified by early August then you were not selected for the scholarship. Because of the volume of applications you may not receive a notification that you were not selected. 

Q: If I am asked to interview do I have to come to Davis for the interview?  

A: No. Your regional committee will determine and will organize interviews at a location in your region. If for some reason you are unable to interview in person, the committee will make every effort to accommodate you with a telephone interview.  

Q: If I am a regional scholarship winner am I automatically in the running for the Blue and Gold scholarship?  

A: No. Your regional committee will determine whether your name will be put forward to be considered for the Blue and Gold Scholarship.  

Q. When will the Blue and Gold scholarship interviews take place? 

A. Blue and Gold interviews will take place the Monday after students are scheduled to move into the residence halls. All interviews will take place on campus at the Buehler Alumni Center. Students will be notified if they have been selected and interview times will be scheduled. 

Q. Where can I find more information about Undergraduate Scholarships? 

A. Visit our Financial Aid page for more information http://financialaid.ucdavis.edu/scholarships/index.html

Q. Once I'm an established student on campus how can I hear about other scholarship opportunities? 

A. We encourage you to sign up for the Undergraduate and Prestigious Scholarships Listserv. Join the scholarship-opportunities listserv to receive regular updates about the campus-based scholarship program, outside scholarship opportunities, and prestigious undergraduate and graduate scholarships. To sign up, send an email to sympa@ucdavis.edu and indicate “subscribe scholarship-opportunities Firstname Lastname” in the subject line (be sure to type your actual name for Firstname and Lastname); leave the body of the email blank. As with any listserv, you can unsubscribe at any time.